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Help and Advice / what is shown here?
« on: October 23, 2022, 02:22:58 PM »
We had a question about the attached picture. Apparently it has been published as a photo showing the collision between the AGIP Abbruzzo and the Moby Prince. It obvious that the ships shown here are other ones, but which one? There is no further info about the date of the shot. Can anybody help?

Help and Advice / Using a polarizer
« on: July 05, 2022, 08:25:05 PM »
Hi all,

In order to show you the improvements in photo quality I have just posted two shots of the same ship (GREAT RICH) one with the polarizer off and the other with the pola full on. Light was already quite  low (less than 2 hours before sunset and came from the stern side of the ship). ISO value with the pola increased from 320 to 640.

Generally a polarizer is useful to reduce the glare of the sun on the hull of a ship and to increase the contrast in the sky part. Reflections in the water are also mitigated. More here

A good polarizer will cost somewhere between 50 and 100 Euro, (depending on the diameter), which I find money well spent.


Help and Advice / Fast Ferry service Europoort discontinued
« on: January 05, 2022, 11:24:41 AM »
Rather abruptly the Fast Ferry service between Hook of Holland and several stops on the Maasvlakte, has been cancelled. There were disagreements about how to finance the obvious loss of the service and then the plug was pulled late December 2021. The ferry provided an excellent opportunity to shoot ships at the MOT terminal, the LNG terminal, parts of the MSC container terminal and of late also the 5th Petroleum dock, after a new terminal near Firefighting Training center was opened about a year ago. It would also have helped shooting ships at the yet to be opened HES oil storage facility, opposite EMO.

The Nieuwe Prins will be greatly missed, and fittingly on her last day of service she sufferred a technical breakdown.   

Shipping News and information / Mystery Tanker
« on: December 09, 2021, 07:34:58 AM »
Currently at anchor near Rotterdam is the tanker Golden Royal.

No IMO number only an MMSI number. She arrived from Tema, Ghana, and no further movements are reported.

Her dimensions would indicate that she is a VLCC albeit that her 62 meters width is two more than all current VLCC designs. 

Any guesses about what her identity is? An Iranian ship waiting for the oil embargo to be lifted?

How about a Photo of the Year category or competition?

I wouldn't make a hobby into a competition. We already have "number of views" which brings the photo to the front page and "most viewed in 24 hrs/ year etc"

Fully agree, the more so as "most viewed" is greatly dependent on the initial comments on the main page. I would actually want to go one step further and disallow comments like "Great Shot" and  "big like" (many times posted with photos of friends and reciprocated) without any further substantiation on what the commentator is basing his opinion.

Shipping News and information / HAI JIH Help Needed
« on: April 15, 2020, 12:56:36 PM »
I am looking for an obscure piece of information regarding a ship named Hai Jih. (This may not be her original name) According to a Lloyds Appendix Yard list it was built by Ujina in 1971 as their yard number 516. Her grt is indicated as 3021.  My oldest Lloyds Registers date from 1978 and there is no trace of this ship anymore, also not in the Appendix. I cannot find any indication that she may have sunk sometimes during the seventies, (perhaps under another name?) but I assume she disappeared.

Miramar also has no info on this specific yardnumber.

Can anyone, having available an older copy of LR, come up with the original name, Lloyds number and fate? Much appreciated.

Shipping News and information / MONGOLIA (IMO 9041069)
« on: January 07, 2018, 08:25:31 AM »
There are obviously some developments regarding the tanker MONGOLIA. (IMO 9041069) which has been in and out of Rotterdam since December 2012. Yesterday morning (07-01) she left Rotterdam, escorted by two tugs and according to Marine Traffic her destination is Lagos. She however is now at anchor in the northern Rotterdam anchorage. It would not surprise me if she was to come back once more, but if she would leave forever it would mean that somebody paid a lot of port dues to get her out of the Waalhaven.

Trip reports / Shipspotting at Rozenburg
« on: May 04, 2017, 12:42:57 PM »
Since 01/05/2017 the Restaurant "De Veerheuvel" at the ferry terminal in Rozenburg has got new management. The previous manager lived in the small cottage at the back of the restaurant and the good news is that the new manager is planning to offer this as a B&B facility. I can hardly imagine a better starting place for shipspotting operations if you are not an inhabitant of our little village.

Dear Poster

During the last couple of years we have put considerable effort into reorganising the tanker sector. It had been somewhat neglected, but we feel now that it is back on track again. The most delicate task was to differentiate between crude oil tankers on the one hand and chemical and product tankers on the other, which, especially for the larger ships, is not immediately obvious from the outside.

Equasis is notorious in classifying many products tankers (i.e. their cargo compartments are coated to be able to carry lighter products such as gasoline and naphtha) as crude oil tankers, taking over the definition from Lloyds/Fairplay which calls them crude oil/products tankers. Equasis subsequently cuts of the second part of the definition and uses the crude oil part only.

This results that in many times photos are allocated to the crude oil category, which in reality should be under product tankers. It is a time consuming effort to check each shot all the time.

There is one way for everybody to help us preventing this. Underneath each picture you can see to which category earlier posted pictures have been allocated. If you follow the "majority category" you will most likely choose the correct one. In case you seriously question "our" choice, do not hesitate to contact us, we do not claim to have perfect knowledge.

For new ships posted for the first time you can always try to find new ships on the website of the owners or even the builders. This may sometimes give a proper indication whether the ship is a (clean)product tanker or not. Type indications for product tankers are generally MR/LR1/LR2 and now even LR3 ships (Suezmax Size)are becoming increasingly popular. If the owner calls a ship Aframax, or "dirty" one may assume that she is not coated, or that her coatings are no longer properly applied.

And yes, even clean product tankers can be used to carry crude oil, but no crude oil carrier can be used to carry lighter products, hence the differentiation. Many clean product tankers do also carry vegetable oils, but that should not result in them being classified as vegetable oil tankers. 

Many thanks in advance to everybody and keep the tankers coming.

Pieter Melissen

Corrector Tanker Category.     

EDIT: I have just updated the original post which referred to the Summary Page, which no longer exists in the new site set-up. All the references can now be found directly below each picture.

Trip reports / La Ciotat
« on: October 08, 2015, 05:07:27 PM »
For all those with a long memory the Ciotat Shipyard, in the town with the same name at the Cote d'Azur should sound pretty familiar.
We went there last week and without knowing what to expect, we found that in the old main office building, apart from all sorts of boutiques and restaurants, some enthusiasts are maintaining a shop with all kinds of memorabilia from the yard (which delivered its last commercial ship in 1987) There is a large model of the yard showing all its aspects in the final stages of its operation. The slipways were rather hampered by the port layout, and when a launching took place, all quays at the opposite end of the harbour basin were cleared of people.
The very generous shop people showed us a short film with some lauching highlights and not everytime cars and people had moved enough to not be inundated. Very spectular images, which resemble the sideways launching in Groningen.

It is an advantage when you can speak a little French but it is certainly worth while going there. A book with a complete illustrated list of all ships built at the yard is available and costs only 10 Euro.

The yard is still operational and specialising in the repair of larger yachts of which quite a few were lying along the repair quays, and in the large graving dock, which is no longer functional.

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