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New record wave hight
« on: November 27, 2011, 04:10:00 PM »
During the hurricane that hit Faroe Islands on the evening 24 Nov. 2011 record high wave hight was measured just west of the Islands.

At around 22 in the evening the mean wave hight in west was 19,7 meter and about the same time south of the islands 16,8 meters.

The position of the wave buoys

The previous record mean wave ever measured in the world is 18,5 meters.   
In February 2000 those onboard a British oceanographic research vessel near Rockall, west of Scotland experienced the largest waves ever recorded by scientific instruments in the open ocean. Under severe gale force conditions with wind speeds averaging 21 ms−1 a shipborne wave recorder measured individual waves up to 29.1 m from crest to trough, and a maximum significant wave height of 18.5 m. The fully formed sea developed in unusual conditions as westerly winds blew across the North Atlantic for two days, during which time a frontal system propagated at a speed close to the group velocity of the peak waves. (source 

Before the low preasure hit the Islands uk metoffice had a prediction of phenomenal wave hight and had a prediction of around 15-20 meters.

At this time not all the data from the buoy has been retrieved. 

Later the hurricane was named "Berit" as is came closer to Norway.
Some places in the Faroes it was estimated as powerfull as the hurricane Dec 1988.
5 small boats dissapered 3 of the from a sea farm. a few larger vessels broke their moorings

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Re: New record wave hight
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2011, 12:10:14 AM »
I am not surprised by that
I stood on the bridge of a vessel and could see the wave over the foremast. The foremast
was on that ship 14.6 m high, and I estimate that the wave was at least 4-6 m higher. that
would be rough 20 m.

another time I crossed the South Atlantic from Magellans to passing south of Cape of good hope and on that trip I am pretty sure we had at least 4-5 times waves which exeeded 20 m
NOW!!!,,,if we could get rid of the sailors,,how safe shipping would be !!!!!!!!


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