Author Topic: No real cruises, trips or vacations? Here's a 134-hour ready-made  (Read 2295 times)

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A paused journey will eventually restart, but until then…

In the summer of 2011, NRK (Norway’s equivalent of the BBC) set a Guinness World Record. They broadcast live, continuously, minute-by-minute from 11 cameras set up on MS Nordnorge during a Classic Voyage North. With a backdrop of the spectacular Norwegian coast under the Midnight Sun, this broadcast became the world's longest live television documentary, totalling 134 hours.

Approximately half of Norway’s population tuned in to see MS Nordnorge enter Trollfjorden; and as she arrived in ports, she was greeted by well-wishers in small boats, and flag-waving locals on the dockside. 9 years later, this event is still fondly remembered along the coast.

The link below takes you to NRK’s website (in Norwegian), containing the broadcast, cut into 68 individual ‘episodes’. This site may test both your Norwegian language skills, and your knowledge of the ports along Hurtigruten’s famous route, but we invite you to ‘virtually’ explore the spectacular coastline of Norway from the comfort of your couch.

Which of us will reach the furthest destination?
Which of us can say - I was there in 2011?