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Maritime Research and History / Older Dutch inland vessels
« Last post by davidships on Today at 01:55:13 AM »
Although I do not undersand much about it, before (and it seems overlapping with) the IVR/ENI numbering, there was another system - I thnk called the "Brand" which was seemingly more port related.  Is there an explanation of this system somewhere (in Dutch is fine so long as I can let Dr Google loose on it)?
Is it possible to "decode" these?  Were there ever registers for them?

For example, with an apparent port of registry of Amsterdam, this former Dutch barge has "795 BLIED 1929"
I suppose that 1929 is when she was built or registered, but I do not understand the rest:

Maritime Research and History / Re: Tug "Barkis"
« Last post by davidships on Yesterday at 10:23:52 PM »
Thanks for the noting that - I will tell the author that the format is erroneous.  Actually I think that it should be written 52°28'36"N 1°46'32"E, or in the decimal version 52.476667N 1.775556E.
Site related news, functions and modules / Re: Soon - New website design
« Last post by Richard Paton on Yesterday at 09:21:46 PM »
Forgive me if I've missed a notification, I've just spotted that ShipSpotting now allow Ships Monthly to publish photos off here unless you opt out. As I used to get paid for photos in SM and I can't see how (without buying SM) we would know our photos are being used and expect the payment, therefore I have declined this option.

Is there a specific page on this website site that allows you to opt out?
Shipping News and information / Re: Ships sold for scrap
« Last post by Manuel Hernandez Lafuente on Yesterday at 05:55:25 AM »
Ships Sold for Scrapping February 2024

Ze Sheng IMO 1042988 Loa 119x23m Built 2017 Aggregates Carrier...Beached 01/02/2024
Viliga IMO 8826199 Loa 55x10m Built 1989 Fishing Vessel...Beached 06/02/2024
Safe IMO 8898386 Loa 74x13m Built 1995 General Cargo Ship...Beached 07/02/2024
Sas 4 IMO 8921016 Loa 38x12m Built 1991 Tug...Beached  07/02/2024
Tomson Gas IMO 8811766 Loa 99x16m Built 1989 LPG Tanker...Beached 08/02/2024
Hasan IMO 9539559 Loa 126x19m Built 2009 General Cargo Ship...Beached 14/02/2024
Nand Rajgadi IMO 8845494 Loa 78x12m Built 1991 General Cargo Ship...Beached 20/02/2024
Bontrup Emirates IMO 8313702 Loa 188x29m Built 1986 General Cargo Ship...Beached 25/02/2024

Afthonia V IMO 7402465 Loa 64x13m Built 1975 Yacht...Beached 05/02/2024
Selena IMO 8230120 Loa 114x13m Built 1970 General Cargo Ship...Beached 10/02/2024
Amanos IMO 7816147 Loa 84x11m Built 1978 General Cargo Ship...Beached 20/02/2024
El Youssef IMO 7422049 Loa 97x15m Built 1975 General Cargo Ship...Beached 24/02/2024

Konshin IMO 7733840 Loa 114x13m Built 1978 General Cargo Ship...Beached 01/02/2024
Span 23 IMO 8912510 Loa 105x16m Built 1990 General Cargo Ship...Beached 02/02/2024
P Delta IMO 8912730 Loa 150x22m Built 1993 Container Ship...Beached 02/02/2024
Wadi S IMO 9077903 Loa 225x32m Built 1994 Bulk Carrier...Beached 09/02/2024
Lila Nantong IMO 9278521 Loa 289x45m Built 2003 Bulk Carrier...Beached 12/02/2024
Luffy IMO 1036795 Loa 145x21m Built 2007 General Cargo Ship...Beached 13/02/2024
Konstantinos IMO 9114153 Loa 185x30m Built 1995 Bulk Carrier...Beached 13/02/2024
Sia IMO 9190377 Loa 225x32m Built 1999 Bulk Carrier...Beached 13/02/2024
Zeus One IMO 9258105 Loa 289x45m Built 2002 Bulk Carrier...Beached 14/02/2024
Manis 7 IMO 9165449 Loa 149x23m Built 1999 Container Ship...Beached 15/02/2024
Fukuda IMO 9060405 Loa 63x14m Built 1992 Tanker...Beached 15/02/2024
Legaspi IMO 8324024 Loa 72x12m Built 1984 General Cargo Ship...Beached 15/02/2024
Dong Fang IMO 9112416 Loa 113x19m Built 1994 Container Ship...Beached 16/02/2024
John C IMO 9045431 Loa 160x26m Built 1993 Tanker...Beached 28/02/2024

Hong IMO 9064798 Loa 203x31m Built 1995 Container Ship...Beached 02/02/2024

Ann Rousing IMO 9037903 Loa 85x13m Built 1991 General Cargo Ship...Arrived Esbjerg (DNK) 09/02/2024
Cassard (Ex FS Cassard D614) IMO 4544860 Loa 139x14m Built 1988 Frigate...Arrived Le Verdon (FRA) 21/02/2024 towed by tug Sea Dream (IMO 9560259) to be broken up at Bassens
Hermes IMO 8211576 Loa 72x17m Built 1983 Anchor Handling Tug Supply...Arrived Liepaja (LVA) 22/02/2024
Maritime Research and History / Re: Tug "Barkis"
« Last post by Mafioso on February 29, 2024, 08:33:05 AM »
Sorry friend you put this:

16.8.1976: Capsized and sunk outside Lowestoft harbor, in position 52.28.36 N., 01.46.32 E, following a collision with her tow - JUPITER (1,594g. /64).

If one searches in Google this location: 52.28.36 N., 01.46.32 E

Google says Apparently, there are no good matches for your search.

But if we put location: 52°28.36 N 01°46.32 E

There if we go to a place, that's why my friend I love to put locations so the one who enters goes straight to the place,

Don't be fooled
Maritime Research and History / Re: CONFERRY (España - Venezuela)
« Last post by Mafioso on February 29, 2024, 08:20:07 AM »
But it's all right, my friend, no problem.

I got scared, I thought I had made a mistake myself.
Maritime Research and History / Re: Wreck at Muiden
« Last post by Mafioso on February 29, 2024, 08:13:39 AM »
Sorry friend but I love to put the location.

And add Google Earth images so you can see the history of the ship from being a beautiful ship to being abandoned.

Location: 52°20'11.3 "N 5°04'10.4 "E

Google Maps:

In Google Maps you can't see the ship, because it was scrapped in 2022.

But if you use Google Earth you will see this:



9/2013 abandoned

4/2019 destroyed

9/2021 already scrapped on site

Now the ship has a story to tell
Maritime Research and History / Re: Wreck at Muiden
« Last post by Mafioso on February 29, 2024, 07:45:31 AM »
Exactly, a shipwreck in a port can be seen and it seems strange to me too, since the ship was abandoned for several years and was even destroyed in situ and nobody published anything.

But investigating everything is found.

It is a pity that such a beautiful ship was abandoned like this.

I really felt sorry for her, beautiful boat
Capitaine Baret is leaving the NPDL Fiji Express service and will be replaced by the NPDL Tahiti.
Maritime Research and History / Re: Wreck at Muiden
« Last post by davidships on February 29, 2024, 02:15:53 AM »
I was surprised that no photos of this ship, whether as a wreck or earlier, had been posted on the site.

Member Mafioso has done some digging.  In summary
1944 built by Herd & Mackenzie, Buckie, Scotland as an MMS1-Class minesweeper and handed over to the Royal Netherlands Navy as Hr.Ms. MARKEN.
1957 Zeekadetkorps Nederland, Utrecht
1977 Stichting het Varend Museumschip, Muiden and converted to the 3-masted barquentine ELISABETH SMIT, for tourist voyages on the IJsselmeer, based at Muiden
10/2002 suffered severe damage at her berth in Muiden in a storm; wreck remained in situ, gradually deteriorating
12/2020 wreck demolished on site and removed.
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