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Help and Advice / Why are my photos so 'soft'.
« on: May 27, 2021, 08:11:56 AM »
When posted they invariably look 'soft' yet are nice and sharp when viewed as 'full screen' or 'original.

I have a Macbook Pro with a Retina screen that they look plenty sharp on and export as JPEG, quality 'High', size 'Large'.

This is the latest example..


I live in 'the bush' and don't have fibre optic to the node...whatever that may be.
My normal way of aquiring internet involves a dish on the roof.... from there my bits and bobs go to the 'Skymuster' satellite and it comes to earth somewhere in Sydney and carries on its merry way.

Twice I have been locked out of this site...getting this.... 'Forbidden

You don't have permission to access / on this server.'

Its currently been going on for three or four days. No other sites affected... just Shipspotters.
If I use my phone  as a hotspot - as I am just now -  it goes via a tower on a nearby hill and is fine.

Any thoughts?

There are rather a lot of small ships operating in the waters south of Puerto Montt towards Cape Horn.
Many of these are serving as small roll on roll off passenger ships and ferries such as the ones crossing Canal Chacao  between mainland Chile and Isla Chiloe. Many are carrying cargo to outlying settlements and remore islands.....
Both these types are what I would call 'landing craft' or 'landing barges' and in spanish are called 'barcazas' or simple translation .. 'barges'.  However they would not fit in the Shipspotting 'barges' classification.

Many of the others are what at first glance most would call simply 'coasters' ... in fact many are coasters that have been inported from Northern Europe. However there seems to be no 'coaster' category nor one for ships serving the fishing industry and in Chile they are simply classified as 'motor naves' or motor ships.

So.... how should these photos be classified?

To get an idea of the numbers of ships involved just in the fishing trade lookee here...

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