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The coast guard has launched a chase on the high seas for a merchant vessel, which reportedly left the Mumbai port without discharging cargo worth $1.7 million (Rs7.7 crore).  The vessel Dynamic Strike had come to the Mumbai port from Croatia on October 28. It is a Panama flagged vessel and had been anchored at the Mumbai port since then.
Deputy commissioner of police, port zone, Quaiser Khalid said, “The vessel was carrying cargo coal needed by heavy industries and it was to be discharged at the port for Ispat industries. On Monday evening, around 4.15pm, the vessel left the Mumbai port without informing the consignee or the port authority officials. Also the cargo was not discharged so officials from Ispat have approached the Marine police to take action against the vessel crew and its agents.” A case was registered on Monday late evening under the various sections of shipping laws, cheating and breach of trust. Marine police officials have summoned the local agents of the vessel who will be questioned by the police team at Yellow Gate police station.
Meanwhile, port trust official alerted the coast guard, western region, and a search was launched. High speed interceptor craft, high speed patrol vessels and also aircraft was sent in search of the vessel, which is said to have sailed towards Gujarat and it is feared that it may try to cross the Indian territorial waters. If it succeeds, India won’t be able to take any action against it in international waters.
Published: Tuesday, Nov 23, 2010, 1:46 IST
By Divyesh Singh | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA   
Dynamic Striker IMO 9493652, dwt 57000, built 2010, flag Bahamas, operator Enterprises Shipping & Trading S.A. Athens.

Knowing general situation in India ports we may not be much surprised at this flee – vessel arrived Mumbai Oct 28 and stayed there ever since, without discharging. Either there was some dispute, or maybe cargo owner preferred delay, or something else – but vessel just can’t ran away without some sound reasons. Indian media didn’t try to dig in deeper and find out what was the reason, but there definitely was. I personally, wish bulk carrier and her crew good luck and succesful escape.
Mikhail Voytenko
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There is definitely more to this than meets the eye. This is a very modern ship owned by a respectable Greek company, not some rust bucket operated by a dodgy fly-by-night outfit.

No doubt more will come to light soon.


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Some more info under this link.

Don't know the details other than what is posted under the link but if they tried to "escape" without completing whatever formalities that were needed, I guess its a good thing that they were caught.

We will hopefully get some more info in the coming days.

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Latest news from Indian media and comment with some details which evaded attention of Indian media:

MV Dynamic Striker fled on superiors' orders, says its captain
Ivanychev Sergiy, captain of merchant vessel MV Dynamic Striker which tried to flee without discharging cargo worth Rs40 crore earlier this week, has confessed that they were trying to flee from Indian waters and moving towards Port Fujiriyah in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
When asked why they did this despite several warnings issued by the Port Trust, the Coast Guard and the navy, Sergiy said that he was only following the orders of his superiors from the shipping company that owns the ship. A team from the Ukraine consulate general’s office visited the Yellow Gate police station along with its lawyer. They were allowed to meet the arrested accused and they were satisfied with the investigation being carried out.
Deputy commissioner of police, Port Zone, Quaiser Khalid, said, “We will have to check all the communications of the ship to verify if the statements given by the accused are true and on what grounds they were told to leave Indian waters. The communication between the complainant and the ship crew will also be checked to know why they took this step.”
The other three arrested — the vessel’s radio officer, deck officer and chief engineer — were arrested as they did not try to stop the captain despite knowing that several alerts and signals were sent by maritime and security agencies. The Dornier aircraft flying above the vessel had also alerted them but they did not stop. Finally, naval vessel INS Agray intercepted them. They did not stop despite warning shots. Agray had to fire above the vessel’s bow to make them stop.
Published: Saturday, Nov 27, 2010
Agency: DNA

Owner asked us to flee: ship captain
The captain of the merchant vessel MV Dynamic Striker, which had tried to flee with cargo worth Rs 40 crores on Monday from outer anchorage of Mumbai, told the Yellow Gate police that he was following the instructions of the owner of the ship. The captain, Ivanychev Sergiy, and three crewmembers, who are said to be radio officers of the vessel and communication and navigation assistants, were arrested on Thursday and remanded to police custody for seven days.
Sergiy has confessed to the police that he was instructed to leave the city. “Being captain of the ship, Sergiy was in charge and the sole decision maker. His confession that he had fled was enough for us to arrest him,” said Chandrakant Naik, senior inspector, Yellow Gate police station.
When asked whether the owner of the vessel would be summoned for questioning, Naik said: “We will call them for questioning, but since they are foreigners it will take time.”
The arrested persons have been booked for criminal breach of trust, deterring public servant from discharging his duties, act endangering life or personal safety of others and several other sections of the Indian Penal Code. “We will now record the statements of the other three crew members and ascertain their role,” said Naik.
Meanwhile the police, in its remand application filed before the court to take the custody of the accused, said they wanted to verify the documents pertaining to the ship and the accused. The police want to check whether the ship had violated any rules while entering the Indian waters.
Hindustan Times
Mumbai, November 27, 2010

Source I can’t name said there are unconfirmed rumours, that London Court ruled not to offload cargo as cargo owner, company Ispat industries, failed it’s obligations under the contract. Vessel stayed in Mumbai from Oct 28, and ran out of food and fresh water. Director or management of Ispat industries is tightly connected with authorities, or Ispat industries is partially state-owned, but all in all, shipowner and vessel’s crew were under pressure to offload cargo before payments were made. India is as well-known for, to put it mildly, discrepancies between laws and their fulfilment, as Russia or African states. To name things as they are, India is as corrupted as Russia. Let me remind or let it be known for those who doesn’t know, that almost two years ago under the same circumstances Russian Border Guard sank HK-flagged general cargo New Star, half of the crew perished in icy winter Japan sea waters. The cargo owner had a dispute with shipowner, and though Court (Russian by the way court) ruled in favour of shipowner, cargo owner used his connections with Russian Border Guard, and the whole story turned from a commercial dispute to tragedy.
Voytenko Mikhail
Nov 27 2010


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It is sad to see international shipping companies behave in such irresponsible manner endangering the lives of it’s crew. I feel sorry for the captain who says he is just following orders from his boss.