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Backlight photography
« on: January 24, 2024, 01:41:01 PM »
We regularly come across backlight photos where the subject, the ship, has become so dark that details are hardly visible. These photos can most of the time be easily corrected with the right software, by lighting up the shadows and in fact we have done so in several cases, making use of the facility to edit and re-upload photographs.

However, it is much better to avoid dark ships by applying some overexposure beforehand, which will of course make the background even lighter, but at least will show much more of the ship. Check your camera settings to which extent you can apply overexposure (one stop aperture increase may already do the trick), but it could be something you have to practice your self, by making shots with different settings and see what gives the best result. 

If you are used to have your camera in the P function, you have to switch that off, to overrule the automatics that  take over manual control.
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