Author Topic: Disney has a Global Dream  (Read 317 times)

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Disney has a Global Dream
« on: November 17, 2022, 10:00:54 AM »
Disney Cruise Line will buy the unfinished cruise ship Global Dream of bankrupt MV Werften Wismar in Germany. Disney announced this in a blog entry.

The construction of Global Dream (completed by 75%) will be finished at Wismar supervised by Disney with the help from experts of Meyer shipyard. Originally planned to accommodate 9,600 passengers Disney announced to reduce the number of passengers to 6,000 (with 2,300 crew members).
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Re: Disney has a Global Dream
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2022, 03:34:56 PM »
Now that Disney bought the Global Dream, they're going to finish her. I hope they can utilize the unfinished keel and materials for the second vessel, but I doubt it.

As for the official renders of the vessel as a Disney vessel, there's two things I don't like. One is that the hull art currently on her hull as a Dream Cruises ship for Genting will be painted over with the black Disney hull livery. I think they should make a hybrid where she's in Disney's livery but has the Genting artwork.

Another is that she'll have a total of 6 funnels (3 if counting her twin funnels as one). Her twin funnels as is is OK, a foward twin funnel added is OK as it would match Disney's other vessels is fine, but 3/6 funnels? That's a lot and would reduce deck space. If counting the twin funnels as one single one, she'll be the first vessel to be built with and to sail with 3 funnels since the RMS Queen Mary, which sailed from 1936 to 1967. If counting the twin funnels as two funnels, she'll be the first vessel in the world to have 6 funnels.

Personally, I think they shouldn't add a middle twin funnels, and having 2 twin funnels would look better. After all, if you could the twin funnels as one, she'll match her Disney fleetmates. And If you count her twin funnels as two, she'll be not only the first vessel built with a dummy funnel since the Kungsholm in 1965, but also the first vessel to be built with 4 funnels since the Arundel Castle in 1921 and the first vessel to sail with 4 funnels since the retirement of Aquitania in 1950
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