Author Topic: Search for GA of Fortune, Freedom or Friendship Type General Cargo Vessel  (Read 1304 times)

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Hello Together

I am looking for a GA Plan of a Fortune Type Vessel, Freedom Type Vessel  and Friendship vessel
The background of this search is as follows.
In the 1:1250 scale ships model world still this kind of ships are missing. Specially as they was build as a further replacement for the old Liberty Vessels same as the Germnan Liberty and the SD 14 it wwould be good to have this Fortune Type as well due to the fact that the German Liberty and the SD 14 exist as model in this small scale.
The Fortune type and the replacements as named Freedom and Friendship was build from the late 1960 to the middle of 1980 in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Argentina. Ordered by numerous companies from Greece they also found owners in the whole world (Argentina, Norway, Cuba, Yugoslavia)
Would be great to if somebody could help, hope may some members are aware of a plan or even have one owned.

Please contact me  in case

Best regards from the north of Germany
Andreas Schlatterer (Capesize)

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Hi Andreas

The GA of the Freedom Mk2 Class can be found here:  This is from a Japanese website which has pdf copies of old Naval Architecture magazines.  We did find also the Fortune and Friendship GAs as well, but we do not have the URLs.
 It is worthwhile looking through for the others.  The links to the indexes are:, and  We hope this helps.

Best regards OceanCraft Naval Architects
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