Author Topic: Very interesting pictures of "Seawise Giant" after air attack  (Read 2654 times)

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I found these pictures from 1988 of the damaged "Seawise Giant" after the tragic May 1988 air attach at Hormuz:

The completely burnt out vessel is the suezmax (converted from VLCC) "Argosy", which was docked next to it (having done a shuttle run fro Kharg Island):
It can be seen next to the Giant here, which was after the fire started surrounding the vessels:

The sunk vessel is the "Barcelona", which was docked on the port side of the Giant, loading oil for export:

Other vessels in the photo set are:
- "Khark 5" 285,000 dwt, docked next to:
- "White Rose", 392,000 dwt (storage tanker), and on her port side:
- "Eirini L", suezmax tanker

In the distance in one photo:
- "World Petrobras" 414,000 dwt (white "W" on funnel)
- "Indiana" 300,000 dwt (docked next to the Petrobras, with two funnels)

- "Dena" 372,000 dwt
- "Burmah Endeavour" 452,000 dwt (in the distance, part hidden behind aft of "Seawise Giant").
- "Scan Pride", tug
- "Smit Trinidad", support vessel
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Re: Very interesting pictures of "Seawise Giant" after air attack
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I really like these things. Always trying to find information but didn't find the answer


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