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« on: June 11, 2017, 07:05:42 PM »
I just went back from a one week shipspotting trip to Istanbul, which is in my opinion still one of the best spotting places.
I staid in a hotel at Sirkeci, so that I could reach easily either the spotting place on the European side (Saray Burnu) via the Gulhane Park and on the Asian Side (Üsküdar) via The underground Marmaray.
I saw between 80 t0 90 ships a day, when the Bosphorus was open. On both saturdays (luckily my arrival and departures dates) the Bosphorus was closed during daytime for about 7-8 hours for what reason ever. Also on thursday it was closed, I took the chance to go with the Marmaray to Kazlicesme to take photos of the anchorage in Marmara Sea see enclosed foto)and to have a sleep. The traffic was regularly in the morning up to 2-3.30 o clock from Black Sea to Marmara Sea and it changed in the afternoon and evening from Marmara Sea to Black Sea.
I am still impressed by the variety of ships and the number of old vessels, still lots of small vessels of the 60s and 70s as well as a few old cargo vessels with derricks and old livestock carriers and lots of bulkers with cranes. I will post them soon.
One remark. The tea stands with the famous view over the Bosphorus are unfortunately still closed because of a landslide in 2016 with 2 people dead. In the hotel they told me, they want to stabilize the stones then they will open again some day, but who will know, when.
Anyway I had great fun as in the last years, when I was at Istanbul.