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Thank you for that. Such a shame, think it was originally intended to be two years.

Maersk's new Trans Tasman schedule is called Polaris. A third vessel B Trader IMO 9813802 will join the service in May, With the launch of this service Maersk are phasing out the Coastal Connect schedule serviced by Maersk Nadi and Maersk Nansha.

Does this mean that Maersk Nadi and  Maersk Nansha will no longer be NZ crewed?

Will they be reflagged to NZ?

Makes a nice change from boring car carriers all the time. :-\

Thanks for the additional info.

ANL EMORA has had two shoreside mobile cranes alongside and yesterday they removed the forward crane jib.
She's due to move to Fergusson later today and sail tomorrow after a week in port.

Thanks for that Robbie.

Matuku has been anchored in Tasman Bay since 11 July with no further movements listed for any port.

She is due to arrive in Nelson 4 August with ETD of 13 Aug. Berthing at McGlashen Quay - not a usual berth for tankers at this port.

Matuku has been anchored in Tasman Bay since 11 July with no further movements listed for any port.
Kokako continues in service, but even she does spend time at anchor between voyages.

Kaipara Karrier IV moved on Friday morning from Marsden Wharf to Captain Cook West.
Possible departure coming up?

Maersk schedules showing up to Voy. 007N from Timaru 12 Feb.
Time will tell...

SOC sailed from Auckland this morning from Wynyard Wharf for Timaru and seems as though she is returning to her schedule.
Strange to come to Auckland for bunkers only though.

Is Spirit of Canterbury run by Pacifica or Swire?  I can't find her on either companies shipping schedules.
Being registered in Singapore, is she crewed by NZers or an international crew?
Pity to see that her future on the coast in jeopardy again, but such is shipping...

Moana Chief sailed from Changtu Island, China (where she been drydocked) on 1 September, with ETA Auckland 15 September.

Really?  That's a huge ship for service on the NZ coast.

I've noticed over the last month the Anatoki has been doing a shuttle delivering urea from New Plymouth to Lyttelton. How have they been servicing their other customers? I see an overseas vessel is backloading fertiliser from Marsden Point to Timaru.
Maybe it is time Coastal Bulk Shipping looked at purchasing a second vessel. I'm sure there is the work for two vessels. :)

She did squeeze in a trip from Tarakohe to Wanganui between 29 March-1 April. I see that she berthed at Tarakohe this morning, perhaps for another trip to Wanganui.

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