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Shipping News and information / Re: France/Norway/Blue Lady video at Alang
« on: September 11, 2007, 08:43:45 AM »
Hi Phil

I fully agree with you about the stupidity of Greenpeace and their ignorent followers


Reinier Meuleman

Hello Mats,

Bad news for salvors

Please advise your email for any Legal Consultancy, since we have a Charter Party Claim, which correspondences I will sent you

Regards and awaiting

Reinier Meuleman

Shipping News and information / Re: Scrappyard Aliaga & Alang
« on: December 04, 2005, 07:39:35 AM »
Hello Pieter,

Regarding the scrap material here is what happens with the scap vessels. Upon arriving at Alang or othe places were vessels are scrapped, various contractore are bidding for all various parts, like old furniature, spare parts, engine parts, electronic part ferrous metals etc. These items will be resold as well as other parts which not mentioned. Complete aux engines are sold and removed in one piece. All srap steel is cut in big lumps on the vessel , than cut into smaller pieces and loaded onto lorries, which will transport the srap on bad roads to the furnaces and melted down, mostly used for iron bar manaufactury of sent to other steel mills for adding the scrap with iron ore and the cycle is complete.


Reinier Meuleman

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