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As built: JULIA
1948 TEMPO
1956 HANSA
1965 LISA
1973 MERITA, Registered owners: O.Stamnes.

Built by J.J. Sietas, Neuenfelde, Germany. Yard# 326.

From Miramar.

Dave G

Shipping News and information / Re: Dubai Charm
« on: January 21, 2014, 03:33:25 AM »
In todays Taranaki daily News.

A seal chose a cheeky spot to baske on Sunday.

Kayaker Sue Spannagl noticed the creature perched on the bulbous bow of the ship Dubai Charm, anchored off Port Taranaki.

''I paddled as close as the swells would allow and could not believe my eyes when I saw it was a large bull seal comfortably reclining on this smooth, slippery metal hsurface, at least three metres above the waterline,'' Ms Spannagl said.

''I can't imagine how it got there, scrambling up in the normal seal fashion would have been utterly impossible.'' 

Ms Spannagl, was out on a 39 kilometre day-long fishing expedition with four friends, when the seal came into view on its unusual resting place.

Returning to shore the group checked in on the ''stowaway,'' but it had gone.

Source Fairfax News

Took the photos myself from the Auckland Star (Blue Star Line) when I was a 4th Engineer. Camera used was a Pentax Spotmatic II, slide quite dirty but software that came with Nikon LS4000 scanner did a good job of cleaning it up.


Dave G.


Just downloaded 2 photos of Aorangi which I have scanned. My captions say it was taken in 1972 and would be returning to harbour after taking out the Port Pirie.

Help and Advice / Re: Unable to "Add new photo"
« on: March 22, 2013, 06:11:42 AM »
Thanks for that, I was thinking I was the only one, been trying for 3 days now, even going to clearing browser history and cookies.


Help and Advice / Unable to "Add new photo"
« on: March 21, 2013, 11:06:48 PM »
When I try to add a new photo I get the following error.

Database Error : Too many connections

This has been a very common error, is it just me or is it that the database has too many users at the time. Other functions like querying the photos works OK.  :'(

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