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Shipping News and information / London Gateway vs Felixstowe
« on: October 24, 2012, 04:34:47 PM »
I was just reading that the new port of London Gateway reckons it will only be an additional 2 hours sailing time for large vessels than Felixstowe, which will have to enter via Black Deep and the Sunk Pilot station, rather then the much more direct Princes Channel, which is shallower.

Felixstowe claims that the additional sailing time will be more like 6 hours each way, and this sounds about right to me. Any views or facts, please?

For people who're interested in current container port developments, a couple of news videos from Felixstowe News TV that you might find worth watching:

Felixstowe vs London Gateway, part 1:

Felixstowe vs london Gateway, part 2:

People really don't have much appreciation of what conditions at sea can be like, especially in rough conditions.

Daniel is certainly right about the dredger - if it was too rough to work, she'd stop working, but this looks fine. The fishing boat looks pretty good in this kind of weather, running downwind, and taking the odd sea over the stern. I wouldn't fancy working on deck, cos it would be cold and wet, and a bit dangerous, but fishermen tend to know what they're doing . .

Sinking? No chance.

Shipping News and information / Return of video site
« on: April 02, 2011, 09:14:08 AM »
After a gap of 2 years, I'm returning to a video site I used to produce content for - ShipSpotters TV.

The site is returning as part of a new TV site which will host video mainly for use with YouView and other similar systems, which will allow users to download high-res video for show on the domestic TV sets, so we'll hopefully be making much more content for this use. We're also planning to take in your video, if you wish, and to operate a mutual payment system to allow producers of specialist content to benefit.

The site is presently on test and development at, but will ultimately be available at

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