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According to our local newspaper “Nordsee-Zeitung” the shipping companies MSC and CMA CGM plan to lengthen up to 21 of their container ships in China, including "MSC Daniela" (14.028 TEU) and "CMA CGM Christophe Colomb" (13.344 TEU). According to a report by the trade journal "THB", the shipyard Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Company (BSIC) in Qingdao has already booked orders from both shipping companies. However, MSC and CMA CGM have not yet confirmed this information.

MSC therefore plans the conversion of eleven ships. CMA CGM seems to have placed an order for the conversion of five vessels with an option for a further five units. An extension of 30 meters to 396 meters is under discussion, which would increase the capacity of the ships to around 17.000 TEU. For MSC this measure is reported to affect eleven vessels of the "MSC Daniela" class. They had been delivered between 2008 and 2010 by Samsung shipyard. At CMA CGM, the "CMA CGM Christophe Colomb" delivered by the Daewoo shipyard in November 2009 and their sister ships "Laperouse", "Magellan", "Amerigo Vespucci" and "Corte Real", which were put into operation in 2010, are planned to be used for the capacity expansion.

Source: NORDSEE-Zeitung Bremerhaven

Scale Models / Photos of former Kosmos Bulkschiffahrt vessels
« on: February 12, 2007, 11:47:15 AM »

I have bought a scale model kit (1:1250) some years ago which I want to build and paint now. It's a vessel of German company Kosmos Bulkschiffahrt which was part of Hapag-Lloyd.

The model kit shows one of the type 36/36L built by AG Weser in Bremen. In 1977 the contract of one ULCC was changed into an order for five vessels of 36/36L type according to plans of AG Weser Seebeckwerft, Bremerhaven. The vessels were RÜDESHEIM, RÜSSELSHEIM, INGELHEIM, HEIDENHEIM, UNTERTÜRCKHEIM.
Unfortunately I don't have colour photos of these vessels. All I have are b/w photos. And the photos I found on this side show the vessels in later conditions and different colours.

Can anybody send me adequate photos of the original painting? Every help is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Conversion operations at Lloydwerft have stopped as the wind forces are too high in Bremerhaven (Beaufort 6-7 up to 8 or more). The fore- and aftbody are separated but the wind is too strong to place the new midbody into the floating dock. Operations will continue when the wind will calm down. I'll put some photos on the side from aft- and forebody I made today.

Yesterday, 26.01.2007, the new midbody of STENA HOLLANDICA was launched at our shipyard SSW in Bremerhaven. Length about 50 metres. Weight about 3000 tons.

The reefer CALA PALMA will be repaired at Lloydwerft, too. The delivery will be November this year. There are no informations about the costs of repair.

Yesterday night the last of the four converted vessel, the CALA PINO, left Bremerhaven.

Shipping News and information / Fire on board of CALA PALMA
« on: August 08, 2006, 06:53:05 PM »
Today local radio reports that there is a fire on board of CALA PALMA. The vessel was lengthened at Lloydwerft in Bremerhaven. They report that insulation has caught fire at about 16:00 local time. You can smell it all over the town. The fire brigades are still at work. More news to come tomorrow.



The vessel is still burning. It's about 19 hours ago since the insulation began to burn. The firemen can't reach the fire. They are cooling the hull from outside and flooded some holds. The vessel should have been delivered on 21.08.2006.
I'll put some photos on the side. I made them today.

a complete report about the lengthening operations can be seen here:

Click on "Current projects and then choose the vessel.


Yesterday at 5:00 pm the fire was under control. The firemen put 74 tons of foam into the holds. The highest temperature was about 300° so that the visors of their helmets were melting. Today local newspaper reports that the insurance will pay. The owners decided not to cancel the contract for lengthening the three sister vessels.

Today local newspaper reports that Lloydwerft in Bremerhaven has got the order to convert four reefer container vessels between June and October 2006. The vessels will be lengthened of 16 m. The vessels are CALA PULA, CALA PINO, CALA PALMA and CALA PEDRA.
All four vessels were built in 1999/2000 by Fincantieri in Ancona for Italian owner COSIARMA. You can see photos of them on this webside.

Shipping News and information / Collision near Cuxhaven on 10.01.2006
« on: January 16, 2006, 08:04:56 AM »
In the early morning of 10.01.2006 Ro/Ro vessel TOR DANIA of DFDS TOR LINE collided with tug EMS PULL and attached barge loaded with sections for Meyerwerft newbuilding NORWEGIAN PEARL. Parts of the barge's cargo fell overboard and impedes traffic on river Elbe. TOR DANIA was damaged above the waterline on Portside. In the meantime she's berthed in Bremerhaven at BREDO repair shipyard. I have a photo of her on this side but unfortunately only available from Starboard. (Sources: Nordseezeitung,

Shipping News and information / Collision near Cuxhaven on 05.12.2005
« on: December 06, 2005, 08:42:38 AM »
In the evening of 05.12.2005 the container feeder vessel ARCTIC FOX and the freighter MARITIME LADY collided. MARITIME LADY capsized and began to drift downstream river Elbe. Seven crew members were rescued.
MARITIME LADY was on her way downstream river Elbe when ARCTIC FOX left Kiel Canal at Brunsbüttel bound for Hamburg. After the collision a third vessel rammed the drifting MARITIME LADY and went aground. In the meantime the third vessel was refloated. There is no name of the third vessel available at the moment.
(Sources: Local radio station and local newspaper "Nordsee-Zeitung")

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