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Shipping News and information / Re: Cobelfret Ferries buys Ferryways
« on: June 19, 2007, 08:36:04 PM »
Both Phocine and Cervine will serve Purfleet, no Killingholme sailing yet...


Trip reports / Greece September 2005 voyage report
« on: September 25, 2005, 10:19:06 AM »
I’ve just returned from a 24-day trip to the Greek islands. I’ve sailed on numerous ships, visited many ports and saw loads of ferries and cruise ships on my voyages.

I left Piraeus with Blue Star Paros on August 30th and headed towards Syros. A day trip to Tinos gave me the oppurtunity to sail on Blue Star Ithaki and the new Highspeed 5. A couple of days in Ermoupoli rewarded me with nice shots of  AK Ventouris’ Panagia Tinou and Hozoviotissa, the ro/ro Mykonos and many more.
I decided to go to Samos and I was delighted to be on HSW’s Express Pegasos in very windy conditions and with a heavy swell. She couldn’t dock in Ikaria and she had to skip the first port of call on Samos as well. People had to take Express Santorini in Samos to get back there.  I was lucky to see LANE’s Vitsentsos Kornaros leaving the port of Vathy just when we arrived. From Samos I continued my journey to Kos on Agoudimos’ Penelope and witnessed a fire drill on board. After an excursion to the volcanic islands of Nisyros I headed back to Piraeus on G.A. Ferries’ Anthi Marina, which should finally get the apropriate cabins during winter, according to one crewmember.

Then it was up north all the way to Igoumenitsa where I sailed to Corfu and back the other day on the landing craft Nanthi and Fast Ferries’ Platitera.
Igoumenitsa has cost me two days of pictures because a port police officer ordered me to delete all pictures I had made in the ports. Luckily I had just inserted another picture card or I would have lost a lot more. I didn’t do them much good because I made the same pictures all over again  :-x  I’m glad I’ve seen Poseidon C.
A day excursion with some Flying Dolphin brought me to Paxi and Antipaxi. I left Kerkyra for Patras on Minoan’s Ariadne Palace and boarded Strintzis’ Kefalonia to Ithaki the next day and later to Kefalonia. I did an excursion with the landing crafts Agios Gerasimos and Ainos across Argostoli bay and returned to Piraeus via Killini with Strintzis’ Eptanisos.

From Piraeus it went to Milos with HSW’s Express Aphrodite. I was horrified to see her upper deck full of excrements because larger dogs were allowed to wander around instead of being inside a kennel. I’m happy the stench couldn’t be recorded on the photographs :-D

Afterwards I continued to Sifnos with Agios Georgios and to Serifos with Highspeed 1. Much too expensive these fast boats but sometimes there’s no other way. I returned with Highspeed 1 to Piraeus to go to Aegina with HSW’s Artemis. I finally returned to Piraeus with Flying Dolphin 15 to go home again and bring my Odyssee to an end. It was my first time on Dolphins this year and I was surprised about how much photographic oppurtunites they presented when speeding close to larger ferries and across the Saronic Gulf. Sadly’ the ro/ro Sea Witch managed to escape from my camera’s range twice, but  I was rewarded with a picture of Sallaum Lines’ Silver Moon.

Pictures will appear on this site and on Efoplistis soon  

Kind regards   8-)

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