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SOC voyage 004S at the end of January said to be the last one for sure. That's what the horse told me today.

Help and Advice / screen map display
« on: September 22, 2011, 06:32:13 PM »

Is anyone having trouble with the screen map display on of late? Over night the map display has moved up and virtually disappeared and I can only see bottom 5mm or so of the original AIS map, so you can say really no map display. The 'view fill map' function button seems not to do anything.

My screen is now centered on the ads/site credits which were always at the bottom of the screen and it's pushed everything up out of view as far at the maps concerned.

Maybe some programming issue by the site host in Greece? Or could it be my end pc issue?? Any ideas anyone..  ??? I just wanna see where my ships are.. It's been so good up till now.


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