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SOC voyage 004S at the end of January said to be the last one for sure. That's what the horse told me today.

I believe the SPIRIT OF CANTERBURY maybe be on her last coastal voyage south to Timaru right now. Due back in Tauranga about 27 December and then to Auckland for bunkering and then to..?

Hi. It might be the beginning of the long talked about dedicated coastal feeder service that Tauranga & Timaru have had in mind. Maybe the little helper Swire-Pacifica see some merit in offering the right sized vessel SoC to the Maersk-Hamburg group to relieve some pressure off the the OC1 vessels that do move boxes around the coast especially to/from Tauranga. Even our business feeders north on the OC1 vessels ex Timaru to transship over Tauranga to Aust. Still things can stop as quick as they start so we'll see what we see over the coming days.

I see Swires SPIRIT OF CANTERBURY is showing on the Maersk schedules are starting a Tauranga-Timaru-Lyttelton-Timaru-Tauranga rotation next week. That's interesting. Vessel currently sitting off Auckland waiting orders..

Shipping News and information / Re: Ship unloading in remote island
« on: August 24, 2019, 04:05:24 AM »
Maybe this is it..

It's pretty cool to watch!

Yes Wayne it was quite a sight last evening..despite it bringing totally dark when she berthed around 10pm. Looked good sailing this morning out on a glassy millpond. She glided out as if it was on ice! Was a very slow berthing with 3 tugs. Around 30-40 meters fore & aft clearance in the swing inside the harbour so virtually no margin for error. Good skills by all. It was just a proving call. The cranes donít have the reach across to the outboard side apparently but they took off a few boxes just for the heck of it. I heard about some locals complaining about the thumping sound of the generators all night. I live 5 or so kilometres away in west Timaru and I could hear them too. Not expecting to see a RIO class back here anytime soon. It did set a largest arrival record and I doubt they can go any bigger now.

Just a correction it was the OLGA MAERSK IMO 9251614 that had the fire and shes still in Cristobal at the moment.

If any readers in Australia can give me a steer on the final fate of the dredger PELICAN please? What was the towing tug name from Nelson? Is she already cut up? At what location and date if possible? Any data much appreciated. Thanks.


Steve as suspected once again..TRUMPH = BMSB

Not often we get saved by an Aussie!


Maybe off topic but I'm wanting to know the current status or fate of the dredger PELICAN IMO 7825514 last reported at Nelson in October 2017. Anyone know? Still alive or scrapped someplace?


Some action shots found on YT..

Those rocks look pretty hard!

OC1 will start calling again Timaru first before Port Chalmers from 17 August SPIRIT OF SYDNEY. Southbound cargo from Europe via Asia will transship at Sydney onto OC1 vessels. Don't know about Nelson and Wellington. Exports from Timaru will go out via OC1 service each Friday and transship depending on destination.

Apparently the RANGITIRA (ex Jenka) IMO 7022928 is now under the care of the gas torches and being dismantled while still afloat at the port of Timaru.

And now under the Comoros's next stop I wonder?

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