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Due to the weather the salvage of the ship has been postponed to tomorrow according to NRK.

Shipping News and information / Re: Suez Canal blockage by Ever Given
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Magleby M

Shipping News and information / Re: Suez Canal blockage by Ever Given
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Marchen Maersk imo 9632143 will take the long route round Africa.

The ETA for Rotterdam was April 11th and with the extra 5000 miles the new ETA for Rotterdam is April 18th.


Viking sky has three engines running now


Crew members from Hagland Captain have jumped overboard to be rescued by helicopter.

Hagland Captain has now reported they do not have to be evacuated

The rescue center has reported at 1920 GMT that the captain of Hagland Captain has asked for the crew to be evacuated. The ship has no power but they have dropped anchor.

so far about 115 people have been evacuated from Viking Sky.

Hagland Captain imo 9521356 in close vicinity sent out a distress call at 18 GMT.

It has lost power with a crew of 9. is has also lost deck cargo of timber.

The distress call was made about 4 hours ago (13 GMT).

the passengers and crew will be evacuated by helicopter. there are 5 helicopers taking part.

the ship has one engine and anchor is used to hold the ship.

the waves are 6 to 8 meters high. the wind is strong gale with strong windgust.

tugs are on the way.

Viking Sky imo 9650420 has sent out distress call.

the ship has only one engine running in stormy waters just outside the Norwegian coast.

1300 people will be evacuatet.

crane Gulliver arrived this morning for the lifting operation,

Helge Ingstad finaly sank this morning 13-11-2018 with all the ammunition. Data was retrieved from the brigde like two days ago.

Kostino with timber as deck cargo travels along the Norwegian coast with two Norwegian pilots.
The pilots say the Soviet radars are bad in bad weather.
The food tastes horrible always fried in a bad tasting oil.
photo Kostino:

Shipping News and information / Hurtigruten to build new vessel
« on: April 21, 2016, 04:23:31 PM »
announced today Apr. 21 2016.
4 new vessels to be built at Kleven in Norway.

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