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Shipping News and information / Re: Renamings
« on: June 11, 2022, 02:50:01 PM »
TRUEMAN - IMO 8704286 now CT UPTON

Is it alright that when you're not signed in you can still open/download original size photos after clicking on "Full screen" (or by opening the image in new tab) ?
Back with previous site design only members had access to original size photos & that was fair.

I agree Denis - it would be  better to be restricted to members again.

Shipping News and information / Re: Renamings
« on: May 26, 2022, 10:30:46 AM »
MULTRATUG 9 (9513165) now RIVERMAN (Br) for SMS.

Thank you for this announcement and change - it's just a shame you didn't announce this first before starting the social media posting.

Credit where it is due - can now close the warning of the Ad block and access the site without turning off the AdBlocker - you still get the warning on every page though.

Also like the much improved page layout when viewing photos. A real improvement.

Looked into Fleetmon - their minimum photo size is too big for me (I like SS minimum so resize to the lowest possible) - suspect I won't be uploading to there.

I have commented on a post on FB a while ago -

"You are seriously alienating long standing members of the ShipSpotting site by continually ignoring messages in the forum - please take the time to answer these messages as a priority over posting on FB!!"

There has been a reply - "Hello Patrick Hill, can you tell us what is happening? And how can we help you? Best regards - ShipSpotting Team"

My reply - "ShipSpotting - check the forum and answer the posts!!!"

Let's see what happens next...

And now suddenly I'm unable to access the site unless I turn off my AdBlock - I'll not be posting any more and will consider how best to remove all my photos.

And if you do turn off AdBlockers there is an option to turn off ads under the adverts - which takes you to a page to register or login - even though I'm logged in!! This is getting to be a real joke now - I'd maybe feel happier if we had any sort of response from the IT team/Owners - they seem to have time to post photos on FB!

And now suddenly I'm unable to access the site unless I turn off my AdBlock - I'll not be posting any more and will consider how best to remove all my photos.

As we don't seem to be getting any response to these questions on here - I've just posted the following on the FB group

"I want to post my photos to the site but NOT have them posted anywhere else. Are you going to reply to my post in the forum or just delete this message as you did my last one?"

Let's see what happens now - but I'm not holding my breath...

Not the T&C's I agreed to, if there is no opt out then I will have to consider removing all my photos and not posting anymore.

I made a post on the FB group pointing out my thoughts on the new style here - it was removed very quickly from the group :(

I would also like to state that you DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION to repost any photo I upload to to any social media platform - if I want my photos posted elsewhere I will do so myself.


Whats the different between hits and total hits on a photo?

Hits is on that photo, total is across all photos of that vessel.

I've been holding off uploading for a while, tried yesterday and it now works ok (Chrome) - however it is still very annoying that clicking on forum topics or latest comments opens up a new tab.

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