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Help and Advice / Re: Isle of Sheppy viewpoint?
« on: June 17, 2017, 09:04:05 AM »
Hello Chris,
I have just uploaded my latest video on You Tube and this site

As Bob mentioned you do get periods of no shipping at all.I was lucky on the first day but Ridham and Grovehurst were empty as was Thamesport. If you look at my previous videos there are days when it all can be full.
Cheers, Ted
PS If you want to view the shipping in Sea Reach then its the top of The Leas at Minster and there's a cafe for refreshments.

Help and Advice / Re: YouTube Video
« on: June 17, 2017, 08:50:41 AM »
Hello Mudflap,

It's not a problem - just delete the "s" in the first section of the YouTube URL address - so change "https://" to "http://" which works. Its just that this site's coding for video hasn't been up-dsted for a while.


Help and Advice / Re: Isle of Sheppy viewpoint?
« on: June 14, 2017, 08:35:17 AM »
Hello Chris,
As Riverman2903 states Peel Ports do not make their lists public.It's essential to monitor AIS and if you have a Marine Band receiver Medway VTS operate on Channel 74 (156.725).The three places I photograph the ships are. 1. On the beach by Garrison Point.Walk along the prom at Tescos and head the end is a huge pile of rocks and then a notice not to go any further.That is the closest point from shore to ship.
2.Barton Point.Halfway along the road between Minster Beach and Barton Point is a vehicle access point to the beach.You can take the car along the shingle sea wall towards Barton Point.You can park anywhere along there and this year I have noticed it is free parking.I usually park opposite the "Richard Montgomery" wreck site.With a good telephoto you can get some good shots of shipping passing close to the wreck.This time of the year you may pick up heat haze and shimmer.Do not go along there in the evenings as the local lads use it as a race track doing hand brake turns Aaaaaargh!!!!3. Queenborough.If there is room you can park on the jetty by the All Tide landing Stage or the public car park by the toilets and pubs.(Free).If there are coasters due for the Swale then walk along the prom to the slipway near the wind turbines where you can also get some shots of the Thamesport and maybe a LNG tanker.
Have a look at the webcams on this site....
I will try and send you some photos to your website on Friday.
Hope this helps.
Best to you.

Help and Advice / Re: Dover Western Docks
« on: May 01, 2017, 07:28:23 PM »
Hello Robert,
The work on the Dover Western Docks Revival has begun in earnest so views of the cruise ships are quite limited now. I went down there the other week to photograph the HAMBURG alongside CT1. I walked along the Admiralty Pier to the Turret and managed to get a photo of her alongside.I then walked to the end of the Admiralty to photograph the Causeway dredging alongside the Prince of Wales Pier.Note that this can be closed for securuty reasons depending on the cruise line.Disney insist that it is closed. To see my video search Ted Ingham on You Tube and it will listed on the page.Two very good web sites are and on Facebook..DoverStraitMedia....Loads of information and photos.St Martins Battery Car Park which is above the harbour on the Western heights is very good for aerial shots.Most of the cruise ships arrive early morning approx 0630 and leave early evening. Hope this helps. Cheers Ted

Could anyone please identify the attached photo.
The vessel is moored on the Medway alongside GPS Marine base at
Upnor.I believe she has been on the Medway for a couple of years and
was at one time moored at Cuxton Marine.
Much appreciated,
Ted Ingham

Trip reports / Re: Thames ship spotting
« on: June 09, 2014, 07:28:23 AM »
From Gravesend another good location is Shornmead Fort.
I usually park the car behind Riverside Park and follow Gordon Road East over the lock gate by Gravesend Yacht Club and look out for the Saxon Shore route signs.This will lead you along a path in between the industrial area towards Denton.You will eventually come out by the PLA yard.
Follow the road around and you will pass the Ship and Lobster Pub. Follow the sea wall past Clubbs Wharf and the Met Training Centre. You will see Shornemead Fort in the distance. Nearby is a large concrete apron.There you can take shots almost at sea level.
From Gravesend to Shornemead approx 40 minutes.Though you may find a parking place in Denton but it is very industrial.


Trip reports / Re: Thames ship spotting
« on: June 08, 2014, 07:59:47 PM »
I normally park the car in the RSPB car park which is open until 1700 every day.
Walk back to the main entrance and then follow the path that is parallel to Bretts conveyor belt which run out to Cliffe Alpha Jetty. This will take approx 30 minutes.I keep to the East side of Creek and about 100 yards east of the point climb over the sea wall where there is a steel ladder.There you will get the best advantage point for photographing the shipping in both directions.The sun will always be behind you through out the day this time of the year.
I recently purchased a fold up bike which makes it easier to get back if the weather deteriorates.
Look on the RSPB site and type Cliffe Pools for directions.
Hope this helps.

Trip reports / Tugs galore at Gravesend in the 1990's video clip
« on: October 10, 2013, 08:20:56 AM »
A run up the tug moorings in the 1990's looking at the Alexander fleet at that time.Then a later clip of the changes underway to Howard Smith and Adsteam.
Can be viewed in the Video Section.More clips to come including the Medway tugs.
Regards, Ted Ingham.

Views of the London Gateway site and shipping passing Cliffe.
For two hours it was tanker traffic to and from Vopak and Grays.
The two videos can be viewed in the Video Category.

Making a change from the Medway and Thames. A day trip to Terneuzen and the Ghent Canal.
Wall to wall shipping in four 5 minute videos.The last  being the Ghent Canal.
All these can be viewed in the Video Category.
All the best,

Trip reports / Shipping videos on the Thames in August 2013
« on: August 19, 2013, 02:59:51 PM »
I have added four new videos of a passage from the Medway to Deptford Creek and back.
These show Container handling training at London Gateway and shipping involved with Crossrail Project with the removal of spoil from Beckton and Barking.Two more videos to follow later.
All can be seen in the Video Category.
Ted Ingham

A six minute trailer from a three day trip on the Thames,Medway and Swale.
Videos to follow (Still in the editing stage)will include footage of the London Gateway and
vessels involved in the Crossrail Project transporting the spoil from Beckton,Barking and Northfleet as well as general shipping whilst on passage.

Video can be viewed in the Video Section.

All the best,
Ted Ingham

A ten minute HD video of the Pride of Dovers last journey.
From Tilbury Dock to the Landing Stage.Tow connected to the tug Eide Fighter
then follow the tow along Gravesend Reach,The Muckings and finally Lower Hope to the Havens.
A sad end to a very popular ferry on the Dover-Calais run.
All the best Ted
Here's the link

From Thames barges to Gas Carriers,Tugs to Dredgers,Ro Ro to Cable Layers. A snapshot of the Swale,Medway and Thames Estuary in the September light.

Seems to work from my Computer however here's the
You Tube link to Part 1

and the link to Part 2


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