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The answer to your question about how it can happen is very easy. Not keeping a lookout. The company spent a lot of money installing windows in the wheelhouse when the ship was built but it seems that OOW's don't think they need to look out of them. There can't have been anyone on the bridge keeping a watch at the time. If there was this would never have happened. In the old days we used to joke that if there was only a dog up there at least he would have barked to warn of the impending danger!

Shipping News and information / Re: CSCL Indian Ocean aground on Elbe
« on: February 07, 2016, 08:28:09 AM »
It is very simple, the ship had a rudder blackout and the pilots decided to to manouver the ship to the northern side of the fairway with mud on the ground instead to the southside with stones.
Empire has nothing to do with the casualty.

When there is a steering gear failure all control is lost and the ship finds its own destiny. On a ship this size there is nothing you can do that can  change the outcome. The pilot and captain are powerless to do anything that will result in a positive outcome. You could drop anchors, but with so much momentum, they would have no effect in such a short space of time and that's if you could hold on to them. These ships displace 230000 of water when fully loaded. You could use the bow thrust, but at anything above 3 knots the effect is more or less useless, and would be very slow with any headway.
This incident is showing that these mega ships are too big. There are no floating cranes tall enough to discharge the boxes to lighten the ships draft.
It is very fortunate the Ship has not blocked the river to navigation otherwise the port of Hamburg would be in major trouble.

Shipping News and information / Re: CSCL Indian Ocean aground on Elbe
« on: February 07, 2016, 07:40:23 AM »
I heard from a reliable source that this was caused by a steering gear failure.

Shipping News and information / Re: More box-giants are coming
« on: December 21, 2014, 05:33:23 PM »
It may be that Maersk's triple E's capacity is calculated using 5 high on deck. If they load 8 high, that will increase their capacity by 3000 TEU to 21500. I somehow believe this. When Emma Maersk arrived, her capacity was originally declared as 12500 TEU which was later increased to 15500. Unlike MSC who like to brag about the size of their ships, Maersk always keeps everyone guessing.

Shipping News and information / Re: MSC RITA
« on: January 05, 2014, 11:40:00 PM »
We have even shipped Felixstowe pilots before but this doesn't tend to happen too often because of the time constraints of their travel down to Ramsgate.
When the Sunk is off station, Harwich pilots have boarded a few times at the NE Spit, but usually they board and land at Dover if they are still working. From Harwich, it is 2 1/2 hours taxi to Dover, then approx 15 mins on the pilot boat if the ship is waiting, then it's around 4 hours steaming to get to the Sunk pilot diamond where the Harwich pilot then takes over.


 Costa Concordia, as you mentioned, measures 391 m. so a dispensation is required. However, that dispensation has already been granted by the relevant authorities.

She is 100m shorter at around 290m, so if the quay is longer than 300m, no problem.

Shipping News and information / Re: Renamings
« on: November 14, 2013, 07:34:38 PM »
OPDR Tenerife will soon be renamed Katherine Borchard and sail between southern Spain and Turkey.

At Felixstowe, For Trinity berths 2 to 7 the ships berth port side to unless requested starboard side to for special requirements or arriving in dense fog. For Trinity 1 the default berthing Is starboard side to. Berths 8 & 9 normally bow to tide, but can go either side to if required.

It may be worth noting that the ships of 366m LOA and 48m (19 boxes) across will be the new Panamax size when the new lock system has been completed on the Panama Canal in a few years time. Current Panamax is 294 LOA and 13 boxes across.

Shipping News and information / Re: Thames tugs
« on: August 20, 2012, 08:23:10 PM »
Stanford now in Felixstowe and will operate for Svitzers, replacing the Svitzer Melton, which apparently is being redeployed to Avonmouth.

Stena has announced it will withdraw Stena Carrier and Stena Freighter from the service between Rotterdam and Killingholme due to economic reasons. As replacement Stena has chartered Cobelfret's smaller ferries Capucine and Severine for 5 years. These new vessels were surplus to Cobelfret's requirements. The switch will be effected next month. The future of Stena Carrier and Stena Freighter is unsure.

This is concerning the Harwich to Rotterdam service. Cobelfret has pulled the plug on its Ipswich to Rotterdam service on 17th Aug and the 2 ships (newly built for that run) Capucine and Severine have been bare boat chartered to Stena for 5 years to replace the larger Stena Carrier and Stena Freighter on the Harwich to Rotterdam. Interesting to see if they appear in Stena colours.

Normally Ch12 but the secondary channel is Ch10 if 2 ships manoeuvering at the same time.

Trip reports / Re: Felixstowe + PS-Class
« on: April 23, 2011, 08:57:50 AM »
The PS class will shortly be dropping Felixstowe, some of the class have already made their last calls. Not sure when the last call will be, but may be that 7th May will be the last one, so you better get down here quick!

Shipping News and information / Re: P&O 175th Birthday Lineup
« on: April 01, 2011, 08:30:21 AM »
That's 3rd July 2012!
Hoping to be there for this epic event...what a sight it will be. Apparently after the ships depart, there will be some sort of gathering out at sea, no doubt with much blowing of the ships whistles.

When Maersk developed the K class at 318 metres, this was modified by adding 2 extra 40' bays into the design which then became the 347m "S" class. Further modifications took place to the "S" class and the result was the 367m "G" class.(although with the G class, the modifications were more than just adding length)

With this previous evolving of a class, I would think it is highly likely this may happen to the Triple E's

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