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Does anyone want a long NON-LANDING trip to the Rotterdam World Harbour Day this Saturday, 8th September 2018?

Leaving Hull 18.00 on Friday 7th and back on Sunday 9th at 09.00. Includes RARE (once a year) sailing into centre of Rotterdam onboard P&O ferry.

My partner and I can no longer go so there are TWO places available including meal vouchers for 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners EACH. Original cost was 210 per person but will sell for 100 each.

If interested please contact Bernard ASAP at Coastal Shipping Magazine who are the organisers of the trip [email protected] and mention it is the Andrew Bridges booking. Thank you.

Help and Advice / Belfast - Any photographic viewpoints?
« on: December 15, 2017, 12:12:26 PM »
Will be visiting Belfast next February and staying in the "Titanic Quarter" (basically around the old H&W shipyard). Have studied photographs and google maps and there appear to be some vantage points for viewing/photographing anything in the port.

Anyone local or those that have tried offer any guidance as to good spots to spot from please?

Many thanks in advance

Andrew aka Riverman2903

Shipping News and information / HMS Queen Elizabeth in Invergordon
« on: July 08, 2017, 11:15:02 PM »
HMS Queen Elizabeth currently (Saturday evening 08/07)moored at Invergordon.

Good to see the navy back in town although technically not RN yet as still flying Red Ensign. Surprised to see a clear AIS signal from her, perhaps the Navy are publicity aware and are happy for us to know where she is (for now).


No name of ship given, perhaps they want to contact relatives before releasing more details? 90m might suggest something short sea/coastal but that's just guesswork from me.

Seven people have been rescued from life rafts in the sea after abandoning a sinking cargo ship near Kent.

An extensive rescue operation was carried out overnight by search teams after the vessel went down about 35 nautical miles (40 miles) off Ramsgate.

Rescue helicopters, a lifeboat, and Dutch helicopter and several merchant vessels all came to the aid of the sinking vessel.

Coastguards said the crew sent a Mayday alert before abandoning the 90m ship.

Steve Carson, UK coastguard duty commander, said: "The weather has been challenging but we are please to report that all the crew have been rescued and are on their way to hospital," he added.

BBC correspondent Richard Galpin said the crew were not thought to be in a serious condition.

The incident happened in force nine winds and the crew had to take to life rafts in the sea.

Ships nearby managed to reach the stranded crew first. Members were taken on board and airlifted to hospital.

It's not yet clear whether it was the weather or another problem which caused the ship to sink, or whether any cargo was on board.

Ooops. "communication error" was to blame. Apparently.


Salvage experts have started work to rescue a large cargo ship that ran aground near Ardnamurchan Point in the west Highlands.

The 394ft-long (120m) Lysblink Seaways got into difficulty at Kilchoan at about 01:50 on Wednesday.

No-one on the ship, which is believed to be carrying paper waste, was injured.

Salvers began assessing the vessel for damage at first light ahead of a possible effort to refloat it.

The tug boat Kingdom of Fife has arrived at the scene after travelling north from the Clyde.

The plan is to use the tug to help pull the Lysblink Seaways back out into the sea at high tide on Thursday evening.

Tobermory lifeboat has been on standby at the scene.

 :( :( Very sad news. The sea remains a very dangerous place.

A major search operation has been launched after a vessel overturned off the north of Scotland.

Eight people are reported to have been on board the Cypriot-registered Cemfjord, a cargo ship carrying cement.

The upturned hull was found by a passing ferry in the Pentland Firth.

Four lifeboats, two rescue helicopters and other vessels are searching for the crew. Shetland Coastguard is co-ordinating rescue efforts.

The NorthLink ferry Hrossey also took part in the early stages of the operation.

Help and Advice / Malta - Valletta accomodation recomendations ?
« on: September 09, 2014, 03:45:21 PM »
Hi all,

Thinking of escaping the UK weather next winter (2015) and have been looking at hotels around Valletta with good photographic views of harbour movements, does anyone have any recommendations? Have stayed in Malta before but travelled into Valletta so fancied something different this time, Grand Harbour Hotel seems good, any thoughts?

Thanks in anticipation



Two more men injured in an incident aboard a German cargo ship on Monday have died in hospital.

A third man from the Suntis, berthed at West Dock on Bridge Street, Goole Docks, died shortly after being taken to hospital following the accident.

Humberside Police said it was working with the Health and Safety Executive and the Maritime Agency to establish the circumstances.

Police have not released details of the men's injuries.

The men, who have not been named, were a 60-year-old German and a 33-year-old man from the Philippines.

The nationality of the third man, aged 38, has not been released.

The three men had been taken to Hull Royal Infirmary shortly after 07:00 BST on Monday.

One to watch for on the Thames, nothing on the PLA website yet although the track on AIS shows the tug DUTCH PIONEER with an eta at Chatham on 26/9 so is the tow going to be handed over to a local tug or is the destination Thamesport rather than the Thames??

Any information/ideas?

A crowd of up to 1,000 people has watched the world's oldest clipper ship leave Scotland for the last time. A pontoon barge supporting The City of Adelaide was towed from the Scottish Maritime Museum at Irvine on Friday.

The ship has been there since it was salvaged in 1992, after sinking the previous year in Glasgow's River Clyde. The Adelaide was built in Sunderland in 1864. Its new Australian owners are having it towed to London, where a cargo ship will take it to Adelaide.

The planned start of the journey had been delayed from last week following adverse weather conditions in Ayrshire. The pontoon supporting The Adelaide is now being towed out into the Irish Sea. Over the next seven to 10 days, it will travel round the tip of Cornwall and up into the River Thames. The historic clipper will then be loaded onto a cargo ship for its final journey to Australia.


A tug crewman lost overboard in gale force winds and violent seas in the English Channel is still missing after a nine-hour search by lifeboats. The RNLI said Eastbourne all-weather lifeboat was launched at 00:39 GMT after the man fell from the Endurance.

A lifeboat from Newhaven later joined the search, along with a coastguard helicopter, but it was abandoned at 09:10 GMT after nothing was found. Endurance was sailing from Dover to Brighton towing a 60ft motor cruiser.

The crewman, one of two on board, was trying to re-establish the tow after it was lost when he fell overboard five miles south of Sovereign Harbour on the East Sussex coast. Rescue services were alerted when his colleague sent out a mayday distress call. The two lifeboats were joined at first sight by mobile units from HM Coastguard.

The cabin cruiser, which had drifted five miles from the scene, was towed into Sovereign Harbour by the Newhaven lifeboat.

Shipping News and information / MV Balmoral
« on: January 01, 2013, 01:36:52 PM »
Another snippet of information I discovered last night whilst browsing with a wee glass of something nice was the news that the MV Balmoral, running mate of the Waverley, will NOT be doing her usual tour of the UK this year due to very poor results in 2012. She is NOT being sold or scrapped and continues to be looked after in Bristol so will hopefully still be running around the Bristol Channel area. Another lost opportunity, as with the Kingswear Castle, many a happy trip on the Thames and Medway was undertaken plus of course all those unusual ports of call such as Colchester, Rye, Ramsgate etc.

Lets hope 2013 brings some more positive news!

Not sure if any members have already picked this up but the Kingswear Castle has left the Medway for good and will be operating on the River Dart this year. Probably a good move in the long term as the tourist market is much stronger in Devon than it is in Kent but still sad. Many a happy ship spotting trip has been enjoyed on the Medway, Swale and Thames. I wonder if another trip operator might start up on the Medway? 

Trip reports / New Gravesend photographic location/Gravesend-Tilbury Ferry
« on: September 19, 2012, 10:14:34 AM »
Not strictly "new" but the Gravesend-Tilbury ferry moved location on Monday and now operates from the pontoon attached to the Town Pier. Had a quick look on Monday and it looks to be a good location worth trying, good shots of Tilbury Power Station bulkers, anything on Tilbury Landing stage and of course anything on the move. 

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