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Good morning, everybody!!!

I don't know if there was such kind of topic before but let me introduce my idea.

My idea is to add one more category with name like "First photo / obstructed view". The reason I think is need to be on this site because a lot of pictures of newbuild or new old ships uploaded on the site everyday but unluckely not every time shipspotters can make good shot due to some obstructions which are prohibited to uploaded according to site standards. So my view of this problem is to have one more category same is categories for mystery ships and awaiting identification.
The rules should be like these:
- only proved photos with clear names visible on photo to be upload.
- common used names (example: Mars - 18 names on equasis, Venus - 23 names and so on) should be confirmed by IMO painted onboard (more or less this is the way of confirmation).
-any additional info, links, sources should be added as a description or comment to such photo.

Dear admins! Very intersting to know Your reply about this idea.

Best regards,

Hi, everybody!
I'm searching for information like Stability and Strength Loading Manuals with vessel's cargo stowage plans; or any other helpful information about vessel's loading calculations for vessel more than 500 GT.
If somebody can help please contact me in this topic or PM.

regards, Yevgeniy.

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