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Just saw this article posted in my local news, haven't seen much else on it yet. Sounds pretty bad, six dead, and the remainder of those on board being evacuated from the vessel. The "position" of the ship off the island of Giglio is described as "worsening," which sounds rather ominous.

The article I saw is here:

Reports: Cruise Ship Aground Off Italy, 6 Dead


A much more detailed article, Cruise Ship Runs Aground Off Italy; Deaths Reported is found on MSNBC.

This article includes a couple images of the vessels condition, and describes her as having a 20 degree list, but not in danger of sinking. Said of just over 4,200 people on board, several were thrown off when the accident happened, and the condition warranted an abandoned ship, first by lifeboat, and with increasing list, now by helicopter.

Shipping News and information / Mystery Livestock Carrier Released (?)
« on: January 09, 2012, 05:51:46 PM »
A gCaptain article this morning details the release of an Indian-flagged livestock carrier by pirates, who evidently didn't initially realise what kind of vessel they were boarding.

It describes the vessel as the SAVINA AL-SALAAM, which I can find no reference to outside of the article, and that she is the former IRAN SALAM (IMO: 7385162) (Note, the picture in the article seems to be Bob Scott's with no recognition given...). The problem is, IRAN SALAM was reported to be scrapped at Mumbai in 2003.

So, does anyone know what the true identity of this vessel is? Or, if we're actually dealing with some absurd phantom claim here...

Shipping News and information / Elusive Ships
« on: November 16, 2011, 07:42:44 PM »
While out on a shipspotting expedition to the Port of Tacoma, I managed to capture Evergreen Line's rather large (6,332 TEU) EVER ENVOY (IMO: 9241308). When I posted her on the site, I was suprised to note that despite being built in 2002, mine was the first image of her to be posted.

So, this just made me wonder, are there any other rather elusive large vessels anyone knows of? Or, any stories of vessels you've been suprised to find you are the first to capture?

For me, it's almost kind of a game to see which vessels I find are new to the site, and the older they are, the more suprising

Shipping News and information / Oldest Seagoing Ships In Service
« on: September 28, 2011, 03:11:27 AM »
I've seen threads regarding the oldest active vessel on the face of the planet, with various candidates from the 19th century coming forward, but how about something a little more specific, yet requiring a little less effort to go and find in person.

What are some candidates for the oldest serving oceangoing vessels out there?

For me, this question was raised by today seeing CSL CABO at a pier on the Duwamish River in Seattle. Built in 1971, at 40 years old she must be one of the most elderly seagoing bulkers still out there. Any other rather old active candidates anyone wants to bring forward?

Site related news, functions and modules / "Preserved" Ships
« on: March 18, 2011, 02:32:11 AM »
This probably just seems like a trivial little thing, but I'd just like to bring up the awkwardness I sometimes feel with using the "Museum Ships" category, as there are numerous vessels I've encountered that are vintage, and a no longer in active service, yet would not be considered to be a museum vessel by any means. I really feel that instead a more appropriate category might be for "Preserved Vessels" that would encompass conversions of classic vessels to yachts, charters, or liveaboards, where they are still kept intact, but are generally not publicly accessible.

Does anyone else have any thoughts?

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