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Interesting reading of events of the grounding of the Danio on the Farne Islands last year
Note; open the pdf file at the bottom for full details

Falling asleep on the job can be partly blamed but not surprising when you read the hours that the crew worked.


Shipping News and information / Pic your crew with care!
« on: May 21, 2013, 06:52:05 PM »
This is almost unbelievable !

What ever the outcome they have no excuse as they even called the marina 4 hours later to ask if they had a berth so they knew how the radio operated, even then they only reported it 'after' they went ashore.

I would have thought they should be charged with manslaughter min!



Shipping News and information / Frigate due in Tyne
« on: March 30, 2009, 06:57:25 PM »
HMS Westminster (F237) is due in the Tyne on the 5th April docking at Northumberland Quay, Tyne VTS has her ETA down as 11.59 which translates as 'they don't know yet' so again it is watch this space....
Mike 8-)

The large semi-submercible ship 'Osprey' is due in the Tyne on March 31 at present ETA at 17.00.
I am reasonably sure this must be the ship to move the old Swan Hunters floating dock the now FD Bhurati currently loaded at Swans yard with the old floating crane Titan II and other dockside crane sections.
The 'Osprey' at 53.000 tons is not small and is an interesting ship herself as she was converted from an oil tanker a few years ago and is twice as big as the 'Fjord' in the Tyne last year with the 'Icemaiden 1' onboard which was originaly thought to be going to do the job.
It will still be interesting to see if she will load in the Tyne as the highest tide of the month is not until April 10th at 15.47,deepest berth is No 1 berth Riverside quay at 12.1m@ chart datum, Northumberland quay is 9m @chart datum.
Fjord by the way is in Abu Dhabi loading the first of three round trips to Nigeria with fabrication modules.
I only hope we have enough tugs as a few are departing over the next few days!
Mike  :-)

Shipping News and information / Old/New Tug for the Tyne
« on: March 17, 2009, 08:15:55 PM »
How is it the Tyne ends up with all the old tugs?
I see we have the newly named 'Svitzer Sword' due in the Tyne on the 20th March, but her name is the only thing new.
She was built in 1982 as the 'Sun Thames' at McTay Marine Bromborough for Howard Smith Towage Ltd
Then in 2001 was moved to Adsteam tugs Ltd
Then in 2006 moved to Humber tugs and re-named 'HT Sword'
Then in 2009 moved to Svitzer Tugs and re-named 'Svitzer Sword'
At 369 tons she is not small with Two Ruston engines giving 2640 BHP and a Bollard pull of 30 tons.
I wonder if she is here permanent?

Shipping News and information / 9 Cruise ships due in Tyne in 2009
« on: February 17, 2009, 08:37:20 PM »
The 2009 cruise ship 'due in' list for the Tyne looks good and should keep our local camera guys busy.
Couple of odd balls!
'Mona Lisa' ex Kungsholm buit in 1966 28.800 tons
'Amedea'  built in 1991 also 28.000 tons
and a nice collection of previous visitors from last year

Date  Vessel  Arr Time  Dep  Time  Berth  Itinerary
 Thomson Spirit  06.00  17.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Ibiza-Malaga-Gibraltar-Casablanca-Portimao-Lisbon-Vigo-Bilbao-La Rochelle-Zeebrugge-Tyne (16th May)-Hellesylt-Geiranger-Olden-Flam-Bergen-Tyne (23rd May)
 Mona Lisa  09.00  18.00  Northumbrian Quay

 Thomson Spirit  06.00  17.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Tyne (23rd May) - Oslo-Helsingborg-Stockholm-Helsinki-St Petersburg-Tallin-Warnemunde-Aalborg-Tyne (6th June)
 Eurodam  08.00  18.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Copenhagen-Warnemunde-Tallinn-St Petersburg-Helsinki-Stockholm-Kiel-Copenhagen-Oslo-Skagen-Vik-Flam-Bergen-Invergordon-Sth Queensferry-Tyne (31st May)-Copenhagen
 Rotterdam  12.00  22.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Rotterdam-Tyne (1st June)-Sth Queensferry-Oslo-Gotenburg-Gdansk-Stockholm-Ronne-Kiel-Copenhagen
 Thomson Spirit  06.00  17.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Tyne (6th June)-Hellesylt-Geiranger-Olden-Flam-Bergen-Tyne (13th June)
 Thomson Spirit  06.00  17.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Tyne (13th June)-Heelesylt-Geiranger-Leknes Lofoten-Honnigsvag-Alta-Tromso-Andalsnes-Olden-Flam-Bergen-Tyne (27th June)
 Saga Ruby  06.00  17.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Tyne (18th June)-Stavanger-Alesund-Trondheim-Sortland-Alta-Honningsvag-Tromso-Geiranger-Hellesylt-Bergen-Tyne (3rd July)
 Thomson Spirit  06.00  17.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Tyne (27th June)-Torshavn-Reykjavik-Isafjord-Akureyri-Flam-Bergen-Tyne(10th July)
 Saga Ruby  06.00  17.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Tyne (3rd July)-Copehagen-Sassnitz-Klaipeda-Riga-Stockholm-Tallinn-Helsinki-St Petersburg-Ronne-Aarhus-Tyne (20th July)
 Prinsendam  07.00  16.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Greenwich-Tyne (6th July)-Leith-Scrabster-Portree-Belfast-Dublin-Waterford-Newport-Falmouth-Portland-Guernsey-Dover
 Thomson Spirit  06.00  17.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Tyne (10th July)-Kalundborg-Stockholm-Helsinki-St Petersburg-Gdynia-Warnemunde-Aalborg-Tyne (23rd July)
 Saga Ruby  06.00  17.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Tyne (20th July) - Dover
 Thomson Spirit  06.00  17.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Tyne (23rd July)-Harwich
 Boudicca  06.00  17.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Leith-Lerwick-Bergen-Tyne (5th August )-Geiranger-Honningsvag-Longyearbyen-Alesund-Tyne (18th August)
 Boudicca  06.00  17.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Tyne (18th August)- Lisbon-Eivissa-Cartagena-Tangier-El Ferrol-Tyne (31st August)
 Amadea  13.00  21.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Bremerhaven-Lerwick-Akureyri-Grundarfjordur-Prins-Christiansunds-Qaqortog-Sisimut-Ilulissat-Disco Bay-Qegertassuaq-Qasiqianquit-Aasiaat-Manitsoq-Nuuk-Kap Farel-Reykjavik-Thorshavn-Invergordon-Tyne (25th Aug)-Bremerhaven
 Alexander Von Humboldt  07.00  18.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Boudicca  06.00  17.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Tyne (31st August)-Copenhagen-Tallinn-St Petersburg-Riga-Kalmar-Helsingborg-Tyne (12th Sept)
 Boudicca  06.00  17.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Tyne (12th Sept)-Andalsnes-Alesund-Olden-Flam-Gudvangen-Bergen-Tyne (19th Sept)
 Boudicca  06.00  17.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Tyne (19th Sept)-Copenhagen-Tallinn-St Petersburg-Riga-Kalmar-Helsingborg-Tyne (1st Oct)
 Boudicca  06.00  17.00  Northumbrian Quay
 Tyne (1st Oct)-Amsterdam-Zeebrugge-Portsmouth
Mike  8-)

Shipping News and information / Friday 13th in the Tyne
« on: February 07, 2009, 09:06:53 PM »
Not exactly the same size as the 'Celmenceau' but anyone notice we have the 'BNS Lobelia' due in the Tyne on Friday the 13th at 15.30, or is she to small for you keen photographers!.


The Dutch semi-submercible ship 'Fjord' is now showing due back into the Tyne on the 11th January (at 23.59 estimated time) (I think slightly later).
She is here to collect the ex Swan Hunters floating drydock which is now renamed the 'FD Bhurati' which together with most of the shipyard cranes, workshops, and shipbuilding machinery has been sold to India.
The 'FD Bharati 'inturn' is also now fully loaded with both the old Swan Hunters  'Floating crane' and other crane sections.
The 'Fjord' is expected to load 'in the Tyne' before sailing for the Bhurati shipyard in Mumbai India.

All in All quite a load!

Mike 8-)

Shipping News and information / HMS Ark Royal for the Tyne?
« on: December 24, 2008, 09:05:34 PM »
I heard that the Arc Royal  is due back in the Tyne early in the new year,
anyone got any dates?
Mike :-)

I see we have the anchor handling tug 'Independence' due towing the large Sunderland owned work barge 'AMT Explorer' due in on the 22nd for A&P.
Anyone know who ownes this tug?
She was new 2008 and built in China.
the A&P yard has a busy December with arrivals, movements & sailings.

Happy Christmas to all!
Mike :-)

The newly converted semi-submercible ship 'Fjell' almost a sister ship to the 'Fjord' seen here during her final completion and handover at Malta Dry Docks to owners Fairstar Heavy Transport- Holland.

IMO:- 8766296
GT:- 13.776 tons
SDWT:- 25.000 tons
Built:- China 2000
Flag:- Dutch
Shipspotters on Tyneside will next see the 'Fjord' early 2009 when she arrives to collect the Ex Swan Hunter floating dock now the FD Bhurati to take it to Mumbai India.
Mike 8-)

Shipping News and information / HMS Bulwark for the Tyne
« on: November 28, 2008, 08:37:37 PM »
HMS Bulwark is now due in the Tyne on Thursday 4th at 7.30 berthing at Northumbrian Quay
We also have the unusual Finnish heavy lift ship 'Aura' due in 07.00 on the 3rd December.
Mike 8-)

Shipping News and information / Titan 3 next Tyne sailing puzzle?
« on: November 03, 2008, 05:01:20 PM »
I see we have the Titan 3 sailing from Swans on this Friday the 7th Nov(estimated) But what is Titan 3 there was nothing there on Sunday only the 'Maria' and she has sailed already.
The floating Titan crane II is currently  loaded and secured aboard the old floating Swans dock now the FD Bhurati (see uploaded picture today) together with other crane sections and it is quite a load now.

Any comments from our insider team!

Mike  8-)

Shipping News and information / QE2 For Tyne
« on: October 02, 2008, 07:09:37 PM »
Latest arrival time in the Tyne for the QE2 is now estimated at 06.00 Wednesday morning 8th October 2008.
However watch this space as High water is not until 09.36 so it may change but sounds about right if she 'swings first' before going along side as before at Northumberland Quay.
She is estimated to sail at 22.00 (high water) same day, might make a nice night shot for you keen photographers if weather is good!
Mike 8-)

Shipping News and information / Frigate due in Tyne
« on: September 23, 2008, 07:17:23 PM »
HMS Cornwall F99 is due in the Tyne on Monday 29th at 10.00 (firm)
Docking at Northumberland Quay
Mike :-)

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