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I can't upload photos for vessels without IMO when Irrelevant butoon marked.
If anybody has same problem?

Regards, Evgeniy.

Many Thanks for "Drop up to 5 files here....". Working on Chrome.
Additionally thanks to everybody who is continue to fix issues and bugs which sometimes happen, but now really see that new design is working each day better.

Regards, Evgeniy.

Some of my uploads still ends with 404 error or after long time become available.
I don't have any mark when my uploads completed.

I tried to upload few photos but after 2 photos I didn't see any mark that my photo was uploaded.
Agree that upload is very slow.
1 photo uploaded, another show me 404 error.
My problems same with Patrick Deenik.

Regards, Evgeniy.

The question is to collect more photos of unique vessels which are not yet presented on shipspotting.
It will be not so big quantity, may be short time for newbulidings, some time for old vessels but anyway is the chance to add more quantity of unique vessels.
This is my view of this topic.

regards, Evgeniy   

More or less, but You can make additional photo of IMO number from stern or front of superstructure. In such case the option of file attach to the comment should be nice but need more changes to the present page view. It could be changed for another forum topic.
For example You upload first photo as usually and one photo with IMO to the forum to confirm that the vessel correctly identificated. After You only add link from forum to ypur picture page as comment.
In case of better quality photo uploaded photo from "first photo" category should be deleted.

My idea that a lot of vessels need to have correct identification specialy from specific areas with non-english names. Also this is the way to minimize members mistakes. A lot of vessels already uploaded under wrong IMO because of difficulties with identification in such case when the mistake is found it could be corrected more fast.

Good morning, everybody!!!

I don't know if there was such kind of topic before but let me introduce my idea.

My idea is to add one more category with name like "First photo / obstructed view". The reason I think is need to be on this site because a lot of pictures of newbuild or new old ships uploaded on the site everyday but unluckely not every time shipspotters can make good shot due to some obstructions which are prohibited to uploaded according to site standards. So my view of this problem is to have one more category same is categories for mystery ships and awaiting identification.
The rules should be like these:
- only proved photos with clear names visible on photo to be upload.
- common used names (example: Mars - 18 names on equasis, Venus - 23 names and so on) should be confirmed by IMO painted onboard (more or less this is the way of confirmation).
-any additional info, links, sources should be added as a description or comment to such photo.

Dear admins! Very intersting to know Your reply about this idea.

Best regards,

Hello everybody!

I think there are a lot of sources via Internet where is possible to collect all kind of information - wikimapia, google, facebook and so on. Anyway had same situation in different countries and I think if You are situated at open streets, squares, bridges, etc, there are no reason to stop You to make photos of the ships or something else, same as You are making selfie on the bridge.
Bob told right - paranoia. Lets switch off Internet and Cell Phones with Cameras, drop new iPhones to the waste -
or lets do better - continue enjoying shipspotting and forget about this reasonless made security stupidity.


Shipping News and information / Re: The worlds's fastest ship design
« on: October 22, 2016, 05:00:27 AM »
Looks like somebody too much play with Ship Simulator.
Very unserious concept, more unserious than some green concepts.

Site related news, functions and modules / Re: Problem Uploading
« on: July 03, 2016, 04:42:24 PM »

Have problem during uploading. Connection is broking all the time. Actualy same with downloading pages. Other sites are working without problems.

Regards, Yevgeniy.


Looks, like fixed. Now works without problems.

Site related news, functions and modules / Re: Chinese help needed!
« on: July 30, 2015, 10:42:13 PM »
Many thanks to everybody for identification of these vessels.

Regards, Yevgeniy.

still the same  :(

Hello, Jean!

I have found some articles about ice-breakers in Russian Federation for current winter.
There is article about plans for current winter. There is mentioned that nuclear-powered ice- breaker "50 Let Pobedy" 'll assist to vessels from west ice limit to Primorsk oil terminal & St. Petersburg plt station:

At present moment ice-breaker "50 Let Pobedy" is making way to St. Petersburg acc to marinetraffic

There is latest report about ice condition in ports of RF:

Hope that 'll be interesting for you.

Regards, Yevgeniy


The word "updated" is more connected with cargo designed for loading, that is what I think.
The main idea was that planner of course with stevedores help can provide vessel with updated info about containers weights. I don't have access to all parts of container terminal to see how everything is working but if to analyze what I see from vessel (that is more or less connected with specialized terminal equiped with gantry cranes) I think that at present time it is real to provide vessel with updated weights. I agree that it could require some updating in software connected with some changes in aspects of terminal work.
The real weight is possible thing at terminal. The speed of cargo operation 'll change but not so much, another question how much it 'll cost for container shipment.

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