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an Alligator-class tank landing ship - identified as either the Orsk or the Saratov - exploded at the port of Berdyansk.

The Russian military mined the recommended routes from the Bosphorus to Odessa and said that these were Ukrainian mines. This was reported by the head of the Institute of Black Sea Strategic studies Andriy Klymenko. The seaport of Sochi sent a warning to shipowners and captains of ships in the region about the threat of “mining the Ukrainian Navy drifting in the Black Sea”. According to the expert, this warning is intended to prevent the sea traffic of commercial vessels in the Black Sea. According to sources BlackSeaNews, we are talking about the mining by the Black Sea Fleet of the recommended routes for commercial vessels from the Bosphorus in the direction of Odessa. This is covered up with lies about “Ukrainian mines blown by storms.” Source : thetimeshub

All crews have been sacked. All. The Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union claims replacement staff are being paid less than £2 an hour.
The Pride of Hull is actually undergoing an MCA inspection:

s an estimated 1,500 people on about 100 ships are believed stranded in Odessa and other ports, seafarers’ charities have launched an emergency appeal.

Also if I post a comment, there is no sign it has been really fixed, only a turning wheel. Only by coming back to the photo I see it has been added.

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