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Carefully-chosen words (well, apart from "giant", that is).
Somewhat larger cargo-carrying vessels were built on the Wear, but sailed away empty.

She went there because they are too busy in the Tyne where she was due.


The only Dornbusch I know is this one built in Germany in 1989

A regular visitor to the Tyne Container terminal

Interesting reading of events of the grounding of the Danio on the Farne Islands last year
Note; open the pdf file at the bottom for full details

Falling asleep on the job can be partly blamed but not surprising when you read the hours that the crew worked.


Shipping News and information / Re: Grenaa Star beached
« on: December 25, 2013, 03:11:46 PM »
The Grenaa Star was re-floated last Friday and is currently at the Tyne and Wear Marine yard at Tyne Dock South Shields.

What will happen next I am not so sure as due to her skipper at the time of her collision with the pier was reported locally to be later arrested for being drunk, so Insurance payouts may be an issue??

'If' she can be repaired as she is wood, structural damage may be the biggest issue due to the head on impact not to mention engine room damage.

Getting her on the beach of Alang or Gadani would be a difficult job, getting her off the Dockwise Vanguard for one. Too far away from the beach and would remain submerged again. Anywhere where there is a dock facility would be ideal, not many choices.

Err?? is it me or am I missing something!

Costa Concordia has to be 'refloated' to get her onto the Semi Submercible, then wherever she goes she then has to be re-floated off again, so it makes no difference if she is dry docked or beached after.

Semi Submercibles cost a fortune to hire daily, My best guess is they will take no chances once she is afloat and will pick the shortest distance and safest place possible.

That's 'if' the Dockwise Vanguard can lift the Costa Concordia, her lifting capacity I see is 117,000 tons and Costa Concordia was/is 114,000 GT.

I guess it's going to be 'watch this space'. :)

Shipping News and information / Re: Golden Cross tug sold for scrap
« on: November 22, 2013, 09:15:45 PM »
Photo seen on tugtalk suggests she arrived at DRB Marine's yard at Rosneath for scrapping next week - another historic tug lost

Sad end Ben to a once fine tug.

My Dad bless him was her skipper for a while when she was the Newport Screw Towing Company's 'Dunheron' when she worked out of Newport Dock South Wales.

One of her luxuries even then was she had central heating and my Dad loved working her from the top bridge and always was a powerfull and heavy tug for her days.

Shipping News and information / Re: C. Concordia - so what's going on now??
« on: November 19, 2013, 07:28:11 PM »
According to Danish media the C. Concordia might be broken up at Grenaa, Denmark.

Hi Jens

I can not see in any way they will tow the wreck or even transport by semi submercible all the way to Denmark.

Still does not explain what has happened to the two barges that were on site


Shipping News and information / Re: C. Concordia - so what's going on now??
« on: November 19, 2013, 02:23:57 PM »

I note today the Barge and crane together with the accomidation barge have gone or are not visable on the web cam,anyone know whats happening??


Shipping News and information / Re: Ice Maiden I still on the Tyne?
« on: October 21, 2013, 02:32:31 PM »
Thanks Mike...looking forward to the pics.

It's a shame they couldn't bring the project to a good end.

Hi Bart

I did go upriver yesterday and got some pictures but sorry the uploading of pictures to this site drives me nuts as I am no photographic expert and I have tried six times.

I have 1024 x 680 pixels x 228kb,   1024 x 768 x 228kb  and     4288 x 2848 x 3mb

But the site just throws them out saying they are not the right size and I do not know how to get them to the size required.

I have however managed to attach one below so hope this helps


Shipping News and information / Re: Ice Maiden I still on the Tyne?
« on: October 19, 2013, 07:50:25 PM »
Recently I learned that the unfinished hull of the Ice Maiden I (ex-Paardeberg, is still on the Tyne.
I assumed she would have been scrapped already long time ago after the company owning her went bankrupt.

does anybody have more information? Any chance somebody has some recent pics?


Hi Bart

You must be sychic as today the Ice Maiden 1 (as we know her here) has made her last trip from the quayside into a dry dock at Wallsend here on the Tyne, where she will finally after years here 'layed up' be scrapped.

There have been many issues of 'might be', 'could be' etc, she was purchased two years ago by a local scrap company G O'Brian & Sons but then came the asbestos issues, but finally the end is close for this once nice looking ship.

I hope to go for run upriver tomorrow in my boat so hope to get some pictures of her finally at rest !



I think you are registered in the "Old Marinetraffic" as well?

If yes, do you use the same eMail-Adress and the same password? 


Hi Juergen

Many thanks you may well have been right as I have finally got registered, however agree with others the site is very slow and keeps going off.

I have been trying to track the Enquest Producer from Hamburg to our river the Tyne as she is due at 09.45 in the morning with Odin Viking and Smit Angola towing her

Early days but Now a happy Bunny :)

Regards Mike

Hi Mike,

The spare square indicates the type of subscription. You should fill in "basic".
Then another space pops-up for the expiry date where you should put "never".

Good luck,

Hi Robert

I guess I am doing something wrong??

I put in my e-mail address
Then password (twice)
then my name & address
I put in 0044 above 'country calling code
I click and add 'age'
I put in 'basic' above SMS alerts
I put in 'Sports' for proffession
I put in 'boater. for what is your relationship to ships
I Click 'terms'
then register

Where am I going wrong ????


Am I only one who has troubles with Marinetraffic these days?

Hi Mark

No your not, I have tried everything most of the day and all I get is the Error sign.
The problem is it does not tell you what you have done wrong

I assume for the SMS you put in your mobile number and country code for UK I put 0044.

Filled out name and address and all * items, e-mail address,password etc.

As I am retired I clicked 'line of business' 'other'
For 'relation to ships' I clicked 'sport' as I am a yachtsman

Any one tell me what I am doing wrong

Tried once more and now it works properly. I can live with the 5 minutes interval.


Hi Robert

Whats your secret to register, I also tried six times today and up comes 'Opps and error has been made'

In the 'personal information section' other than you name and address, age  and post code am I missing something as I have one square spare??.

Also clicking everything else and filling it in?

Not the easiest place to register up to now!!

Shipping News and information / Re: Royal Yacht Britannia
« on: October 12, 2013, 08:20:32 PM »
Just wondering, can anyone tell me whatever became of the Royal Yacht Britannia?
I heard she was decomissioned as the royal yacht but never heard what became of her. ???

She is in Leith Scotland with a free car park in the shopping centre along side, actually you go into the shopping centre to board her.
I visited her last year, expensive but just one of the things you 'have to do' if your interested in ships.

To work on her must have been a nightmare when you read what some of the crew had to do,polished 'bullshit' was the number one word I think !

By todays standards her bridge is pure antique but again interesting, you can not get in the engine room but you can see it.

Also the Royal yacht 'Bloodhound' is alongside Brittania and also worth a visit.

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