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Title: Miramar Subscrptions
Post by: gwrdave on September 07, 2022, 12:58:17 AM
Can any body help with my Miramar subscription, as I live in New Zealand I have an option of paying by direct credit from my account to a NZ Bank account, this has worked in the past. I informed via email to [email protected] that I had done so. So far after several emails my subscription has run out and am unable to contact Miramar at their address to see what's happening. Does any body know if this is the correct email address or how I can contact them.
Thanks in advance,
Dave Gallie (gwrdave)
Title: Re: Miramar Subscrptions
Post by: tropic maritime images on September 07, 2022, 04:43:38 AM
G'Day Dave,

I don't have any details, but I believe that Rodger who runs Miramar recently passed away. I would hope that someone will take over, but it may take a little while to sort out.

Title: Re: Miramar Subscrptions
Post by: pieter melissen on September 07, 2022, 07:12:38 AM
That is very sad news, Miramar has been a mainstay in maritime research so for many years. Hope there will be a solution for the estate.
Title: Re: Miramar Subscrptions
Post by: Brent Hanson on September 07, 2022, 10:31:46 AM
Hi Dave and community
Sad to confirm Rodger did pass away 25.8 (I'll send you the bereavement details seperately Dave) aged 80, and funeral 2.9.
The matter of continuation is unclear, no clear successor but some well intentioned associates will see how can be maintained. Understand Rodger had a whole room of Lloyds Registers so as well as new stuff, the old stuff was being attended to.
He was quite a gentleman and his endeavours were well supported by his wife Marion, who coincidentally had previously been married to another kiwi shipping historian and stalwart Paddy Leahy, whose shipping notes provide an encyclopaedic New Zealand shipping history from post-ww2 war years to the 1990's when he passed away way too young (56).
I must be one of many to make good use of the Miramar site and the worst case scenario is not wanted to be contemplated, but Rodger's passion will be hard to replicate.
Its a case of awaiting further developments for now and pleasing to note site still functioning as usual.
Title: Re: Miramar Subscrptions
Post by: Brent Hanson on October 17, 2022, 09:30:49 AM
Apologies, I had not passed on the update.
One last list of amendments Roger had started were posted and there will be no further uploads.
The family will maintain the site while they still have subscriptions to see out. For continued use of the database the best option will be to purchase the cd version before the site closes.
Title: Re: Miramar Subscrptions
Post by: pieter melissen on October 19, 2022, 12:31:22 PM
Hi Brent,

Thanks for the update. It is quite ominous to read that there are plans to close the site. Does that mean that the site will not be accessible any more, or just that the final update will result in the finale version of the site?


Title: Re: Miramar Subscrptions
Post by: Brent Hanson on October 19, 2022, 06:39:10 PM
Hi Peter
I have heard nothing further on its future, maybe repeating myself but the family wants to honour current paid subscriptions as best they can and will keep it going for now. They would be aware some such as mine are multi-year but certainly won't be any work on it after uploading the last of Rodgers file updates. After that is uncertain and always risk of any major site failure not being fixed, so has been recommended to me buy the cd that the site advertises to at least have copy of the current records
Title: Re: Miramar Subscrptions
Post by: pieter melissen on October 20, 2022, 06:21:45 PM
Thanks Brent, my subscriptions run until April, so there is some time to consider what to do.
Title: Re: Miramar Subscrptions
Post by: rd77 on October 21, 2022, 08:57:49 AM
oh dear that is really sad! I love that database and was in touch with Rodger quite a few times.
My condolences to his family and I hope someone will find a way to keep the database running.

Sound like a plan to order a CD indeed before everything is closed.

Title: Re: Miramar Subscrptions
Post by: Geoffrey Watson on November 23, 2022, 12:12:01 PM
Wonder of somebody can help. I was sorry to hear about Rodger.
I paid $50 for a disk as suggested on here. That was over a month ago. Not received any disk or heard anything from the family.
Does anybody know if they are being sent out? My payment through on my credit card.
Title: Re: Miramar Subscrptions
Post by: Richard Paton on November 23, 2022, 03:36:14 PM
From the website:

Rodger founded the ‘Miramar Ship Index’ website in 2006, but had been building the database since 1992.  As the sole proprietor Rodger was solely responsible for entering new information, which has come from many sources, some large like 'IHS Seaweb' and the 'World Ship Society', but also individuals including some 'MSI© members.  Regardless of the source Rodger would check and re-check to ensure what he entered was correct, repeating the process whenever new information on a vessel surfaced.

The ‘Miramar Ship Index’ will remain online as is, and the disks will also continue to be available for purchase, in both disk and download form, as long as there is demand.

The last website update prior to Rodger’s death was on 14th August.  Due to the difficulty of finding someone with sufficient shipping knowledge, dedication, time and commitment to accuracy, we have decided to make the ‘Miramar Ship Index’ a memorial to Rodger and his life’s work, rather than risk weakening his legacy.

There will be no more updates, sealing the ‘Miramar Ship Index’ as the most comprehensive database of ships and their histories, covering iron & steel sailing ships, powered merchant ships (over 100 grt) and Naval ships, from the early 19th century to July 2022.

We would like to thank all who have contributed and assisted Rodger over the years, and our customers for their support.

My apologies for the delay in resolving any problems with subscriptions or disks.  Delayed subscriptions will receive their full time.  I have been involved primarily as technical support until now.  I will make contact as soon as I am fully acquainted with the operation.

Sincerely, Danny Leahy, Rodger’s Stepson & Technical Support