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Author Topic: Statistics of pirated vessels and crews  (Read 1103 times)
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« on: November 04, 2010, 08:45:22 am »

I think, there must be exact definitions for vessels recognized as pirated, because if we start to count each highjacked floating object we won’t get a real, clear picture of piracy threat and situation, we won’t be able to analyze situation. Actually only one criteria I suppose, is enough for including pirated vessel in statistics – wether vessel has IMO or not. There must be recognition of pirated vessel from shipowner and state. My statistics give 20 highjacked vessels, and even among them all fishining vessels don’t have IMO No, under suspicion of poaching, but they’re at least recognized as pirated by their states. I didn’t include in statistics any pirated dhow, two recenlty maybe-pirated-maybe-not maybe Taiwanese fishing vessels, and recently pirated local vessel of unknown type Aly Zoulfecar, presumably Comorros-flagged.
Judging from my statistics, there are 20 pirated vessels presently held by pirates, manned by 433 people, among them British pair pirated with their yacht more than year ago.

Crews by nationality:
Philippines 19+3+19+18+20+14+16=109
Thailand 77
Kenya 7+39=46
India 11+19+15=45
China 2+9+19+2=32
Georgia 15
Indonesia 11
Tanzania 10
ROK 5+2=7
Greece 1+2+3=6
Pakistan 5
Montenegro 4
Ukraine 1+1+2=4
Turkey 3
Bangladesh 2
Mozambique 2
UK 2
Germany 1
Romania 1
Taiwan 1
m/v Suez Crew 23: Egypt, Pakistan, Shri Lanka, India.
m/v Iceberg I. Crew 24: Yemen, India, Ghana, Sudan, Pakistan, Philippines.
Total 433 seamen, fishermen and yachtsmen.

Vessels’ nationality:
Germany 1
Greece 5
Egypt 1
Indonesia 1
Japan 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Thailand 3
Taiwan 2

Type of vessels:
Fishing vessels – 6
Tankers – 9
General cargo – 3
Ro-ro – 1
Bulk carrier -1

Pirated vessels by date:
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« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2010, 09:58:20 am »

Atomic bomb in Somalia.
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