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Author Topic: Beluga Ships  (Read 1630 times)
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Glenn Towler
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« on: October 21, 2018, 09:15:30 am »

Does anybody out there have a record of what all the former Beluga Ships have been renmamed and who they went to?  I know BBC and Peter Dohle got quite few with Thorco also getting some.


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Sinisa Aljinovic
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« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2018, 12:44:56 pm »

...and Spliethoff bought two,Beluga Faculty,now Heemskerkgracht and Hemgracht former Beluga Fairy.
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« Reply #2 on: October 22, 2018, 11:06:58 am »

Probably doesn't quite answer the question exactly, but these are all the Beluga ships that I have found to be in the fleet 2010/11, or on order, giving Beluga name(s), first name after sale in 2010/11 and their current names.  Many have had a variety of names in the interim according to the charterers (so quite a few have been with BBC, Thorco etc but without their names showing here). There were a number also that had been disposed of pre-2010. 

Beluga Cape Town > HHL Hamburg (now Ocean Globe)
Beluga Constellation > HR Constellation
Beluga Constitution > HR Constitution (now Zea Bremen)
Beluga Efficiency > Lilia (now Lisanna)
Beluga Elegance > Freesia (now Corcovado)
Beluga Emotion > Cordillera
Beluga Endeavour > HR Endeavour
Beluga Endurance > Martin (now Holandia)
Beluga Energy > Linde (now Helvetia)
Beluga Enterprise > Laodicea
Beluga Eternity > Beluga Windward > Jette (now DS Wisconsin)
Beluga Evaluation > Nicola (now Ocean Rising)
Beluga Expectation > OXL Avatar (now Jule)
Beluga Facility > HR Facility (now Oslo Fjord 1)
Beluga Faculty > HHL Nile (now Heemskerkgracht)
Beluga Fairy > HHL Amazon (now Nunalik)
Beluga Faith > Volga (now Maple Liv)
Beluga Fanfare > Fanfare
Beluga Fantastic > Fantastic (now BBC Carolina)
Beluga Fantasy > OXL Fantasy (now HHL Mississippi)
Beluga Fascination > Pride of Madrid (now Maple Lotta)
Beluga Favourisation > HR Favourisation (now Favourisation)
Beluga Fealty > HHL Congo (now Josef)
Beluga Feasibility > HHL Rhine (now Sophia)
Beluga Federation > Jasper (now Ocean Might)
Beluga Felicity > BBC Tennessee
Beluga Fiction > Fiction (now Thorco Delta)
Beluga Fidelity > HHL Amur
Beluga Fighter > Heino (now Heino)
Beluga Finality (cancelled)
Beluga Finesse > Finesse
Beluga Flashlight > BBC Idaho (now BBC Utah)
Beluga Flirtation > Thorco Horizon (now Maple Lea)
Beluga Fluency (cancelled)
Beluga Foresight > Foresight
Beluga Formation > Formation (now BBC Manitoba)
Beluga Fortitude > Fortitude (now UAL Fortitude)
Beluga Fortune > Fortune (now BBC Fortune
Beluga Foundation > Opal Gallant (now BBC Kansas)
Beluga Fraternity > Fraternity (now BBC California)
Beluga Frequency > HR Frequency (now ABB Vanessa)
Beluga Function > BBC Steinwall (now Gallia)
Beluga Fusion > BBC Steinhoeft (now Meratus Project 3)
Beluga Generation > BBC Orinoco (now BBC Orinoco)
Beluga Procession > HHL Tokyo
Beluga Indication > HR Indication (now Karadeniz Powership Gokhan Bey)
Beluga Intonation > HR Intonation (now Karadeniz Powership Yasin Bey)
Beluga Legislation > Kent Sunset (now Morgenstond II)
Beluga Liberty > BBC Emsland (now BBC Emsland)
Beluga Loyalty > BBC Haren (now BBC Haren)
Beluga Magician > HR Magician (now Vega Alpha)
Beluga Majesty > X-press Ganges (now X-press Ganges)
Beluga Mastery > X-press Hoogly (now Mastery D)
Beluga Maturity > Beluga Firmament > BBC Alberta
Beluga Meditation > Philipp (now Vega Philipp)
Beluga Mobilisation > X-press Yamuna (now X-press Meghna)
Beluga Moderation > Klara (now X-press Hoogly)
Beluga Modesty > Beluga Mover > Helsinki (now Vega Apollo)
Beluga Modification > Beluga Faith > Alina
Beluga Motion > Beluga Festival > Rike
Beluga Motivation > Tiger Spring (now Motivation D)
Beluga Navigation > Thorco Ambition (now Unisky)
Beluga Nomination > Nomination (now Unispirit)
Beluga Notification > Rocco (now Unistream)
Beluga Notion > BBC Newcastle (now BBC Newcastle)
Beluga Novation > BBC Naples (now BBC Naples)
Beluga Panorama (cancelled)
Beluga Participation > Beluga Sao Paulo > HHL Bilbao (now BBC Spring)
Beluga Passenger (cancelled)
Beluga Passion > Beluga London (now HHL Richards Bay)
Beluga Perfection > Beluga Bremen > HHL Valparaiso
Beluga Perfection (cancelled)
Beluga Permission > Beluga Sydney > Prima Dora (now Nordic Svalbard)
Beluga Persuasion > Beluga Singapore > Singapore (now Norfolk)
Beluga Possession > Ocean Giant
Beluga Prediction > Atlantic Winter (now Atlantic Winter)
Beluga Preparation > Beluga Shanghai > HHL Hong Kong (now Industrial Guide)
Beluga Presentation > Beluga Houston (now HHL Rio de Janeiro)
Beluga Procession > HHL Tokyo
Beluga Promotion > Beluga Mumbai > HHL Venice
Beluga Provocation > Beluga Stavanger > HHL Macao (now Industrial Grace)
Beluga Satisfaction > BBC Ecuador (now SLNC Corsica)
Beluga Skysails > BBC Skysails
Beluga Stimulation > HAL Singapore (now Reinhard Schepers)
Beluga Superstition > BBC China
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Allan RO
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« Reply #3 on: October 22, 2018, 03:59:38 pm »

I believe their first ship was Beluga Performer, 8121252, launched as Samsun Carrier, then 4 further names before Beluga Performer in 1999.  2003 renamed Arkaim 4  and still in  service
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Pekka Laakso
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« Reply #4 on: October 22, 2018, 09:53:25 pm »

...and Spliethoff bought two,Beluga Faculty,now Heemskerkgracht and Hemgracht former Beluga Fairy.
While Beluga Fairy was transferred to Neas and renamed Nunalik.
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