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Author Topic: Kodak news  (Read 812 times)
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« on: January 12, 2017, 02:41:22 pm »

 .... Living in the Rochester, NY area, Kodak is identified with the city with its HQ here.  About a week ago there was a story on the local news that Kodak was considering resuming production of Ektachrome film.  Two nights ago, another story that Kodak is also considering resuming production of its iconic Kodachrome film.
 .... To me Kodak is considering something where "the ship has already sailed" so to speak.  I can imagine that the vast majority of members currently use digital cameras and their film cameras would function most as paperweights.  Even print film is hard to come by as I don't know any local store here that stocks print film (I'd have to drive about 20 miles to get some at a photography store in Henrietta, NY) and it's not even processed locally either.
 ..... Although I love Kodachrome, it's not likely I'll go back.  As for Ektachrome... never!  My experience with Ektachrome is all bad.  In the late 1960s I was in the Navy and deployed to the Western Pacific/Tonkin Gulf.  I took hundreds of pictures of places I visited, Navy ships at sea and friends.  In the years since all those Ektachrome slides have decomposed and color-shifted to maroon/magenta messes with very few salvagable.  Why I used Ektachrome almost exclusively is it was all that was available.  My dad's Ektachrome slides came to the same bad ending.  I have 40 year old and newer Ektachrome slides that are worthless, but some Kodachrome slides nearly 70 years old still looking just as sharp, clear and colorful as the day the were taken.
 ..... Again, I think Kodak missed the boat.  They went into digital too late and dropped Kodachrome at a time when photographers might have thought twice about going digital.  As an aside, the facilities where Kodachrome and Ektachrome film was manufactured is now used to grow medical marijuana.  Backs up my opinion Kodak has gone to pot.
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