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Author Topic: Ivaran book  (Read 2068 times)
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« on: December 14, 2016, 01:37:43 am »

Hello friends. I will write a book about Ivaran and I need help with information and photos.
I'm looking for crew, photos and information of the following vessels which was in Time-Charter to Ivaran;

Ships from German companies
Seereederei Howaldt KG , Hamburg; KR: E. Russ, Hamburg
EDITA(original name: EDITH HOWALDT RUSS) IMO-7204801 Build year:1972 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1982 until 1985)

SANTANDER IMO-8918124 Build year:1993 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1993 until 1994)
DOROTHEE IMO-8303329 Build year:1983 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1992 until 1993)
NOBLE - IMO-8900842 Build year:1992(Chartered to Ivaran from 1993 until 1994)
LONE SIF IMO-9002398 Build year:1992(Time-Charter)
MAJOR IMO-8912742 Build year:1992 (Chartered to Ivaran in 1994)
RENATE SCHULTE IMO-7619070 Build year:1978 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1979 until 1980, also in 1990)

Rickmers Group
PATRICIA RICKMERS IMO-8415677 Build year:1985 (Chartered to Ivaran in 1987)
SANTIAGO(original name: PATRICIA RICKMERS) IMO-8415677 Build year:1985 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1987 until 1988)

SAN MARINO IMO-9057159 Build year:1994 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1994 until 1997)
SAN MIGUEL IMO-9057161 Build year:1994 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1994 until 1996)

CLAUS-PETER OFFEN ships that were chartered to Ivaran
HOLSTENBAY IMO-8209755 Build year:1983
HOLSTENCARRIER IMO-7712353 Build year:1980
HOLSTENCLIPPER IMO-7712341 Build year:1979
HOLSTENCRUISER IMO-7712365 Build year:1980
HOLSTENRACER IMO-8010439 Build year:1981
HOLSTENSAILOR IMO-7712327 Build year:1978
HOLSTENTRADER IMO-7712339 Build year:1978
SAN CLEMENTE IMO-9046253 Build year:1994
SAN CRISTOBAL IMO-9081021 Build year:1995
SAN FELIPE IMO-9119660 Build year:1996
SAN FERNANDO IMO-9084607 Build year:1996
SAN FRANCISCO IMO-9081019 Build year:1996
SAN ISIDRO IMO-9046239 Build year:1993
SAN LORENZO IMO-9046215 Build year:1993
SAN LUIS IMO-7712327 Build year:1978
SAN MARTIN I/SAN MARTIN IMO-8417211 Build year:1985
SAN NICOLAS X IMO-8010439 Build year:1981
SAN PEDRO IMO-7712353 Build year:1980
SAN VICENTE IMO-9046227 Build year:1993
SANTA BARBARA IMO-9006502 Build year:1991
SANTA CATARINA IMO-8417223 Build year:1985
SANTA MONICA IMO-8918992 Build year:1991
SANTOS IMO-8411205 Build year:1985
SAO PAULO IMO-8209755 Build year:1983
SAVANNAH IMO-8321694 Build year:1984

Ivaran vessels with other management
SANTA CRUZ IMO:6901787 Build year:1969
SANTA MARGARITA IMO:8900488 Build year:1989

Ships from Norwegian companies
ANNA PRESTHUS IMO:7330571 Build year:1974 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1978 until 1979)
VIGRID IMO:5425308 Build year:1951 (Chartered to Ivaran in 1953)

IVARAN PRIMERO IMO-9125152 Build year:1995 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1996 until 1997)
IVARAN SEGUNDO IMO-9121261 Build year:1996 (Chartered to Ivaran in 1997)
IVARAN TERCERO IMO-8203610 Build year:1983 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1997 until 1998)
IVARAN CUARTO IMO-8012877 Build year:1983 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1997 until 1998)
IVARAN QUINTO IMO-9043122 Build year:1997 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1997 until 1998)
IVARAN SEXTO IMO-9037264 Build year:1994 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1998 until 1999)
IVARAN HUNTER IMO-9154220 Build year:1998 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1998 until 1999)
MANILA BAY IMO-8119704 Build year:1984 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1993 until 1995)
SEAFALCON IMO-6901787 Build year:1969 (Chartered to Ivaran in 1983)
TAMAMONTA IMO 7719040 Build year:1980 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1994 until 1995)
BAILUNDO IMO-6906139 Build year:1969 (Chartered to Ivaran in 1982)
CORRAL IMO-6522505 Build year:1965 (Chartered to Ivaran in 1982)

Greek ships (G.Roussos Sons/Galatia Shipping Corp/G.A.Tsourinakis/Andros Marine Star/Champmion Bay Shipping/Virnat Shipping Corp)
SAN JUAN IMO-5256068 Build year:1961 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1977 until 1980)
BUENOS AIRES IMO-5054745 Build year:1953 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1972 until 1976)
MONTEVIDEO IMO-5240992 Build year1954 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1973 until 1976)
RIO DE JANEIRO IMO-5295791 Build year:1957 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1974 until 1979)
SAVANNAH IMO:5254943 Build year:1955 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1974 until 1976)
SANTOS IMO-5328366 Build year:1961 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1978 until 1982)
SAO PAULO IMO:5114375 Build year:1959 (Chartered to Ivaran from 1976 until 1979)

Do you know anyone who worked on these ships or others ships in T/C to Ivaran?
In the book Ivarans, on reserved pages for ships in T/C to Ivaran, I want to pay tribute to people who work on these ships. For this I need some pictures and stories lived aboard.
Can you help me?

I have much materials from Norwegian sailors to publish in the book. But I have very little material of sailors of ships in Time-Charter to Ivaran.
I want really to pay tribute the crew of ships in T/C to Ivaran, especially the German crew who worked on the ships when they were chartered to IVARAN. Also, crew of other nationalities

Any information is welcome.
If you like my project of book, help me please!
I hope you can help me, I know you are extremely busy, but ask you to help me in this study.
If you have photos of ships IVARAN(own or charter), crew name and information, please post here in the forum or send me to e-mail
I'm waiting for your answer.
Greetings from Brazil,

Jan Honningsvåg
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