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 on: September 05, 2017, 08:49:32 pm 
Started by Vanquish01 - Last post by davidships
Photos here:

 on: September 05, 2017, 08:35:32 pm 
Started by Hannes van Rijn - Last post by Hannes van Rijn
CMA CGM's latest order for nine mega container ships will not spark a buying spree, according to one broker, but the price for the large vessels appears to have stabilised.

CMA CGM’s latest deal for nine 22,000 teu container ships from Chinese yards – the first ultra-large container ship order since 2015 – is not expected to inspire to a rash of orders akin to that seen in 2013–15.

Ranulf Swallow, a broker at Braemar ACM told Fairplay, “The alliances are all set up now and they have structured their services with all the large vessels that they need, and with the industry consolidation there is no reason for the other lines to follow suit."

In total IHS Markit Maritime and Trade figures show that 90 ships totalling 1.799 million teu have been ordered since 2013 with the latest order from CMA CGM adding a further 198,000 teu.

Mega-container ship prices hovered at around the USD160 million mark at time of press, a little under the USD163 million price tag seen for Maersk’s last Triple E order at the Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) yard in South Korea. It is of note that the Triple E vessels were fitted with IMO Tier II engines, and vessels with tier II engines ordered from Chinese yards bore a sticker price of  around USD155 million.

CMA CGM did pay USD145 million per ship for a series of three 20,000 teu vessels in 2015 from Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction, Philippines. However, this pricing was considered an exception from the norm, mainly due to low labour costs in the Philippines.

In its latest order, CMA CGM has signed a letter of intent for nine vessels at a reported USD160 million each, but the order has yet to be confirmed. However, yards often lay a number of keels, prior to the enforcement of new rules to “skirt around regulations”, according to one shipyard industry insider.

Tier III NOx regulations came into force in January 2016, but some yards are still offering Tier II slots, which will reduce the final price of the vessel. The insider said that the yards “offer cheap rates to close clients”.

There is no suggestion that CMA CGM has managed to “skirt” the Tier III regulations in this way, and when Fairplay contacted the line for a comment on the letter of intent, a spokesperson said, ”We cannot confirm the order, we never comment on market rumours.”

Source IHS

 on: September 05, 2017, 08:26:37 pm 
Started by davidships - Last post by davidships
Can any members assist with names of vessels in Arabic?  It would be a pity to lose some interesting images because we cannot make out the name.

For example, a set of photos of Egyptian ferries on the Suez Canal show no usable ID in western alphabets.  It may be that the Arabic inscriptions are the operator rather than the name, but it would be helpful to know!

So, who can help?  Or know someone else who can?

 on: September 05, 2017, 06:07:53 pm 
Started by Vanquish01 - Last post by Vanquish01
5th Sept 2017,

St George's - Penzance

IMO:  7333872
MMSI:  232005630
Call Sign:  GDNT
Flag:  United Kingdom [GB]
Built :1974

Currently Docked in Whitby,
Being worked on at Parkol,

I have seen the above vessel but have no photo's.
I am also unsure when it arrived and also not sure how long it will be here for. First time i have seen a trawler of this type, as we have the others based here in whitby.  Comments welcomed,  Smiley

 on: September 04, 2017, 10:37:14 pm 
Started by deano c125 - Last post by davidships
Of the newbuilding projects listed, I think that only the TOTE ones are in service using lng.
The MOL ships are prepared for possible retrofit in the future; CMA-CGM have got no further than a letter-of-intent; the Containerships quartet will be delivered next year.

Also existing ships like WES AMELIE have been converted:

Which existing ships like WES AMELIE have been converted?  The report says that WES AMELIE is the first and she has only just returned to service (last I heard she is chartered Maersk).

 on: September 04, 2017, 09:28:04 pm 
Started by Michi1997 - Last post by Robbie Cox
Ships Sold for scrap September 2017

Rainbow Imo 9074755 Loa 184x30m Built 1994 Bulker....Beached 4/9/17
Bright Imo 9005235 Loa 332x58m Built 1993 Tanker....Beached 6/9/17 as Falcon
Sirus 4 Imo 8913631 Loa 183x32m Built 1992 Tanker....Beached 7/9/17 as Sirus
Emirates Peace Imo 7723936 Loa 91x14m Built 1978 Tanker....Beached 5/9/17 as Albatool
Agol Imo 8102505 Loa 157x24m Built 1982 Tanker....Beached 7/9/17 as Gol
Strong 7634331 Loa 41x12m Built 1978 Pusher Tug # as Trom Mar 1
Atlantic Cartier Imo 8215481 Loa 292x32m Built 1985 Ro/Ro Container....Beached 22/9/17
Sana Imo 9209336 Loa 240x32m Built 2000 Container....Beached 1/9/17
Eleni K Imo 9086784 Loa 168x26m Built 1997 Bulker....Beached 3/9/17
Opportunity Imo 9079080 Loa 332x58m Built 1996 Tanker....Beached 22/9/17 as Nona
Marlim Imo 9079092 Loa 332x58m Built 1996 Tanker as Nadin #
Impos Imo 9041435 Loa 244x39m Built 1994 Tanker....Beached 22/9/17
Avila Star Imo 8713550 Loa 158x23m Built 1990 Reefer # as Vila
Baltic Merchant Imo 8616324 Loa 145x22m Built 1988 Reefer
Rakan M Imo 7341685 Loa 103x16m Built 1975 Coaster #
APL Coral Imo 9139749 Loa 275x40m Built1998 Container
Msc Mykonos Imo 8613308 Loa 294x32m Built 1988 Container....Beached 22/9/17 as Mykonos
MSC Florida Imo 9236547 Loa 286x32m Built 2005 Container
MSC Giogia Imo 8408818 Loa 187x28m Built 1985 Container

B Gas Linda Imo 9034511 Loa 74x14m Built 1992 LPG Tanker....Beached 6/9/17
Diva Imo 8863317 Loa 114x13m Built 1974 Coaster #
ikra Imo 7901837 Loa 82x14m Built 1983 Coaster....Beached 11/9/17
Nefterudovoz 35M Imo 7832751 Loa 119x13m Built 1980 Coaster....Beached 12/9/17
Nasip Imo 7928665 Loa 71x12m Built 1980 Coaster....Beaced 13/9/17
Najran Imo 9149744 Loa 276x32m Built 1998 Container....Beached 13/9/17
Christos XVIII Imo 5152690 Loa 35x9m Built 1960 Tug....Beached 11/9/17
Haj Amin 1 Imo 7402984 Loa 96x16m Built 1974 General Cargo....Beached 8/9/17
ESPS Principe De Asturias R11 Loa 195x24m Built 1982 Aircraft Carrier....Beached 29/8/17 August
Cemalettin Erem Imo 7000736 Loa 67x20m Built 1971 Passenger Ro/Ro....Beached 19/9/17
Hagit Imoxxxxxxx Loa 32x9m Built 1972 Tug.....Beached 20/9/17
Idil I Imo 7939937 Loa 75x11m Built 1979 General Cargo #
Latiben M'Hidi Imo 7400663 Loa 281x41m Built 1977 LNG Carrier....Beached 5/9/17 as Ben
Antakya Imo 7364338 Loa 80x11m Built 1974 General Cargo #

Golden Fan Imo 8511263 Loa 162x26m Built 1985 Car Carrier....Beached 6/9/17
Grace Ocean Imo 8500202 Loa 146x22m Built 1986 Bulker....Beached 7/9/17
Gener 8 Phoenix Imo 9182746 Loa 269x46m Built 1999 Tanker....Beached 8/9/17
Gener 8 Horn Imo 9173757 Loa 274x48m Built 1999 Tanker....Beached 9/9/17
Mandraki Imo 8613310 Loa 294x32m Built 1988 Container....Beached 9/9/17 as Mandra
Banglar Shikha Imo 8908478 Loa 147x22m Built 1977 Container....Beached 12/9/17
Keros Warrior Imo 9186089 Loa 245x43m Built 2000 Tanker....Beached 20/9/17
Frisia Imo 8415809 Loa 176x29m Built 1985 Car Carrier as Fris
PDZ Mewah Imo 9064009 Loa 149x22m Built 1993 Container
Wehr Schulau Imo 9149897 Loa 184x25m Built 1991 Container
Blue Trader Imo 9151840 Loa 270x44m Built 1997 Tanker....Beached 6/9/17 as Blue
Sun Aries Imo 8906810 Loa 230x36m Built 1991 Gas Tanker....Beached 19/9/17 as Suno
Vugalraj Imo 9059951 Loa 225x32m Built 1993 Self Discharging Bulker....Beached 14/9/17
Eagle Columbas Imo 9136046 Loa 246x42m Built 1997 Tanker
Eagle Boston Imo 9111620 Loa 253x44m Built 1996 Tanker
Stellar Unicorn Imo 9007805 Loa 330x56m Built 1993 Tanker #
Thor Horizon Imo 9137117 Loa 195x30m Built 2002 Bulker #
Hyundai No107 Imo 8608169 Loa 184x30m Built 1987 Car Carrier....Beached 10/9/17

Tian Sheng Imo 9008550 Loa 216x32m Built 1992 Container....Beached 6/9/17 as Teng
HL Capetown Imo 9054224 Loa 274x45m Built 1993 Bulker....Beached 11/9/17 Cadet
E.R. Hamburg Imo 9160425 Loa 195x30m Built 1998 Container....Beached 8/9/17 as Sun 1
Alexandra Rickmers Imo 9152739 Loa 195x30m Built 1997 Container....Beached 19/9/17
Berge Yotei Imo 9161508 Loa 289x45m Built 1997 Bulker....Beached 18/9/17
Global Trader Imo 9034327 Loa 224x32m Built 1993 Bulker....Beached 14/9/17
Seba Star Imo 7703699 Loa 87x14m Built 1980 Coaster #
Pinya Star Imo 9101508 Loa 167x25m Built 1995 Container
Stellar Cosmo Imo 9007805 Loa 338x58m Built 1992 Tanker
Gornozavodsk Imo 8900971 Loa 97x17m Built 1991 General Cargo

Other Ports
Lona Imo 7234753 Loa 84x13m Built 1972 Coaster....Grenaa Denmark
Dingxianghai Imo 9209219 Loa 187x31m Built 2000 Bulker....Jiangyin China
Natali Imo 8203543 Loa 90x13m Built 1980 Ro/Ro Cargo....Frederikshaven Denmark
Ocean Sprite Imo 7402544 Loa 61x14m Built 1975 Guard Vessel....Grenaa Denmark
101 Seohyun Imo 7362979 Loa 63x13m Built 1974 Stern Trawler....Tenerife Canary Islands
Nan Hai Imo 9117703 Loa 188x31m Built 1996 Bulker.....Jiangyin China
Arina Arctica Imo 8131180 Loa 110x21m Built 1984 Container....Frederikshaven Denmark
FS Orange L9022 Loa 149x21m Built 1967 Landing Craft Ship....Ghent Belgium
Yong Feng Imo 9216418 Loa 225x32m Built 2000 Bulker....Jiangyin China  
Lovinda Imo 7910864 Loa 85x11m Built 1980 Coaster....Grenaa Denmark
St Barbara Imo 7406021 Loa 78x13m Built 1977 Support Vessel....Liepaja Latvia Ex Grey Seal
Meijilun Imo xxxxxxx Loa 135x22m Built 1989 Cement Tanker....Jiangyin
Saibon LL1248 Loa 15x5m Built 1976 Trawler....Grenaa Denmark
Vinalines Trader Imo 9140554 Loa 225x32m Built 1997 Bulker....Shingjiang China

Other Sales
Maran Lyra Imo 9042063 Loa 327x57m Built 1995 Tanker
Borneo Pioneer Imo 8800212 Loa 143x22m Built 1988 Tanker
Kota Wangi Imo 9123582 Loa 198x27m Built 1996 Container
Hyundai General Imo 9112284 274X66m Built 1996 Container
Silver Ocean Imo 9050307 Loa 269x43m Built 1994 Bulker
Nataly Imo 8915794 Loa 274x43m Built 1993 Tanker
Ohamana Imo 8905373 Loa 141x22m Built 1989 Passenger Cargo/Ro/Ro  
Santa Cruz Imo 9041447 Loa 244x39m Built 1995 Tanker
Stavronis  Imo 9074585 Loa 242x32m Built 1996 Tanker
Iron Monger 3 Imo 8818922 Loa 244x41m Built 1990 Tanker
Jade Palms Imo 9077848 Loa 332x58m Built 1995 Tanker
Hadiyah Imo 8619467 Loa 250x43m Built 1989 Tanker
FPSO Opportunity Imo 7219909 Loa 278x51m Built 1972 FPSO Tanker
Maran Centaurus Imo 9073050 Loa 332x58m Built 1995 Tanker
Armada Intrepid Imo 9183439 Loa 244x45m Built 1997 FPSO Tanker
Tuo II Imo 9084164 Loa 230x36m Built 1994 Bulker
Liwa Imo 9077109 Loa 225x32m Built 1995 Bulker
KPS Esra Sultan Imo 9116967 Loa 243x42m Built 1996 OBO Carrier
Atlantic Action Imo 8902319 Loa 173x23m Built 1993 Ro/Ro Cargo

 on: September 04, 2017, 08:42:54 pm 
Started by deano c125 - Last post by Marc
None of their (many) containership newbuildings is equiped with enviroment friendly LNG propulsion like other companies do (i.e. TOTE, Finnish company 'Containerships', CMA CGM ...)

How many LNG-powered container ships are in service or under construction?

Here are some sources:

Also existing ships like WES AMELIE have been converted:

 on: September 04, 2017, 04:58:34 pm 
Started by MSC Johnny 2 - Last post by MSC Johnny 2

 on: September 04, 2017, 04:44:11 pm 
Started by deano c125 - Last post by Tuomas Romu
None of their (many) containership newbuildings is equiped with enviroment friendly LNG propulsion like other companies do (i.e. TOTE, Finnish company 'Containerships', CMA CGM ...)

How many LNG-powered container ships are in service or under construction?

 on: September 04, 2017, 02:53:31 pm 
Started by deano c125 - Last post by Marc
What a shame!

Maersk doesn't really care about the environment! In order to save some small money they've send their retired vessels badly secured the long and stormy way to the breakers in winter. This time they've fouled the sea with their sunken ships (waste oil, sludge, fuel, ...), sometimes they overload their ships with 10 high stacked containers and loose lot of them in stormy seas. None of their (many) containership newbuildings is equiped with enviroment friendly LNG propulsion like other companies do (i.e. TOTE, Finnish company 'Containerships', CMA CGM ...)

The company Maersk wants to be the leading company but they fail regarding environment.

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