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 on: Today at 10:01:04 am 
Started by Michi1997 - Last post by rd77
ex-ATHABASKAN going for scrap:

 on: Yesterday at 09:28:20 pm 
Started by Steven Collingwood - Last post by Steven Collingwood
Thank you to the administrators who have responded to me via PM.  It is your work that helps make this a very enjoyable and great website.

 on: Yesterday at 08:26:44 pm 
Started by davidships - Last post by davidships
If any member lives in the Rijeka area and is prepared to help on a slightly delicate subject, please send me a PM and I will explain.



 on: Yesterday at 08:16:34 pm 
Started by Steven Collingwood - Last post by davidships
Hello Steven - I have sent you a PM for the moment - and I will certainly be following up the different issues you have raised.  Thanks

 on: Yesterday at 06:11:58 pm 
Started by MSC Johnny 2 - Last post by MSC Johnny 2

Photo credit Hywel Pugh

 on: Yesterday at 05:18:18 pm 
Started by ALAN - Last post by ALAN
Hello Yvon

Many thanks indeed for your response and information which is extremely helpful and much appreciated. I will look up the link you gave me and also see will see if the book you mentioned is available.

Again Yvon many thanks again for taking the trouble in answering my question.

All the best to you.


 on: Yesterday at 03:00:05 pm 
Started by Steven Collingwood - Last post by Steven Collingwood
As I have been looking at pictures I have posted in the past I have noticed that a number have been renamed by what I guess would be administrators.

Well, the problem is the "corrections" they are doing are not always correct.

For example, when I have named a US Navy LCAC as "US Navy LCAC XX", the administrator has renamed them "USS LCAC XX".  The problem is that are not commissioned (nor ever have been) and there for not entitled to be referred to as "USS".  I know this may be a "minor" thing, but in the interest of accuracy I have striven to label pictures correctly and to have them mislabeled as a correction is incorrect, IMHO.

Another example, is my label of "US Navy Harbor Security Boat XXX" has been changed to a simple USN Harbor Security Boat.  These boats carry specific numbers and when I can, I try to identify them as such.  Also, it causes them to be combined with boats that are clearly not the same.

Finally, I strive to use the correct spelling of names when posting.  One is using periods when indicated, while I understand the site does not like this, to not do so is inaccurate.  Also, "USCGC Flyingfish" is clearly ONE word on all the official documentation I can find, not two.

While I know many of you will disagree with me, and it is not normal to call out administrators (trust me, I know you job must be hard and try to respect your decisions as much as I can), accuracy is important to me and I hope there is some middle ground we can meet.

Also, I have a decent knowledge of naval ships and I more than willing to assist when needed in properly identifying or labeling them on the site (in fact would look forward to the challenge), all you have to do is ask.

Thanks, and please understand I am not trying to be disrespectful, just express my thoughts.

 on: Yesterday at 01:46:58 pm 
Started by ALAN - Last post by Yvon Perchoc
Hello Alan,

1-) On this link :  you will find some Q numbers. Unfortunately, some Q numbers are not reported.

2-) In the book (in French), "Dictionnaire des batiments de la flotte de guerre française Vol 2 1870-2006", around 800 Q numbers are reported (please see the scan of one page above). You can find easily this book on sellers sites but it is a little bit expensive.

3-) If you are looking for some ships particularly, you can send me a list (not too long   Wink. I will be happy to give you the Q numbers.

It seems that this Q number was created after WW2.

Best regards,

 on: Yesterday at 12:23:34 pm 
Started by davidships - Last post by davidships
I have reminded IT a oouple of times and am repeating now.
No response yet.

 on: Yesterday at 11:31:57 am 
Started by davidships - Last post by Robert J Smith
Any update on this issue, still getting problems on some topics including today's "3 sisters from Netherlands early 50's"

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