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 on: Today at 11:00:19 am 
Started by Ship's Cat - Last post by Ian Thomas

 on: Today at 09:45:09 am 
Started by Simon Brown - Last post by Tony des Landes
CSL Atlantic (IMO 9289544) is to replace ANL Wendouree on the KIX Service.

 on: Today at 09:13:10 am 
Started by MattyBoy - Last post by MattyBoy
Hi All,

If money was no object but you didn't want to build a new ship from scratch, which vessel in this amazing database of vessels would you choose for a yacht conversion and why?

Me? I'd have a go at IVAN GUBKIN. Looks low key apart from the bow section. Just think of the James Bond stuff you could build in there. A giant floating workshop.

Regards, (and have fun)

 on: Today at 06:19:05 am 
Started by MO Roy - Last post by pieter melissen
On the other hand there is no harm in keeping the Miramar number with the ship for future reference. It will not guide you to any other ship.

 on: Yesterday at 11:27:26 pm 
Started by MO Roy - Last post by MO Roy
Thanks Gents,
In that case I will again remove the number.
Don't fancy very much these fake IMO-numbers.

 on: Yesterday at 02:48:22 pm 
Started by dirk septer - Last post by dirk septer
Rumours abound; according to the latest will all three Pullmantur ships now actually are going back to RCI. Sovereign and Monarch to RCCL and Horizon to Celebrity. The RCCL will do short cruises and the Horizon will fill a small ship niche for Celebrity.

 on: Yesterday at 02:26:28 pm 
Started by MO Roy - Last post by Henk de Winde
Her last registration number in Lloyds Register was 19409. In fact her alphabetic following number in the 1961/1962 registration.

 on: Yesterday at 12:21:58 pm 
Started by dirk septer - Last post by dirk septer
following the demise of vessel's owner Pullmantur Cruises, Monarch and Sovereign
after having been stripped at Naples, Italy are now reportedly en route to
Turkey to be scrapped. Now stopped and waiting for orders.... What's happening?

 on: Yesterday at 10:47:29 am 
Started by Michi1997 - Last post by Robbie Cox
 Ships Sold for scrap July 2020

Fides Imo 9030852 Loa 178x26m Built 1993 Vehicle Carrier....Beached 1/7/20
Tamgout Imo 9120425 Loa 101x14m Built 1995 Tanker # Waiting
Burak A Imo 7634601 Loa 74x14m Built 1974 Coaster # Waiting

Aegean Leader Imo 9054119 Loa 180x32m Built 1993 Vehicle Carrier # Waiting
Arcadia Highway Imo 9078842 Loa 179x32m Built 1995 Vehicle Carrier # Waiting
Hawk Arrow Imo 8313685 Loa 187x29m Built 1985 Timber Carrier # Waiting
GSL Matisse Imo 9192428 Loa 189x30m Built 1999 Container # Waiting
Euro Spirit Imo 9153551 Loa 188x31m Built 1998 Container # Waiting
Kokura Imo 9085560 Loa 318x42m Built 1997 Container # Waiting
Kawaski Imo 9107887 Loa 318x42m Built 1997 Container # Waiting
Kure Imo 9085522 Loa 318x42m Built 1996 Container # Waiting
Zea Antwerp Imo 9253143 Loa 192x27m Built 2003 Container
Zea Tokyo Imo 9235995 Loa 192x27m Built 2002 Container
E.R. Amsterdam Imo 9213571 Loa 277x40m Built 2000 Container
E.R. Seoul Imo 92108021 Loa 277x40m Built 2000 Container
Pacific Pearl Imo 8512982 Loa 199x30m Built 1987 Timber Carrier
Guofeng Enterprise Imo 9053579 Loa 330x59m Built 1993 Vlbc

Pacific Ruby Imo 9043720 Loa 324x56m Built 1993 Vlbc # Waiting
Berge Aoraki Imo 9223590 Loa 229x45m Built 2000 Vlbc # Waiting
Stellar Samba Imo 9030967 Loa 332x58m Built 1994 Vlbc # Waiting
Handan Steel Imo 9082312 Loa 333x60m Built 1994 Vlbc

Manolis P Imo 9101493 Loa 167x25m Built 1995 Container # Waiting

  Other Sails
Utrillo Imo 9192430 Loa 189x30m Built 1999 Container
Lily Star Imo 9111474 Loa 162x22m Built 1996 Container
Sawasdee Bangkok Imo 9122526 Loa 166x27m Built 1996 Container
Xpress Brahmaputra Imo 9152911 Loa 162x22m Built 1998 Container
Wan Hai 207 Imo 9039561 Loa 174x27m Built 1992 Container
Wan Hai 212 Imo 9048586 Loa 174x27m Built 1993 Container
Sm Vancouver Imo 9189495 Loa 278x40m Built 2000 Container
Port Klang Imo 9212046 Loa 158x25m Built 2001 Container
Clovis Phoenix Imo 9114165 Loa 184x30m Built 1995 Vehicle Carrier
Clovis Prime Imo 9114177 Loa 184x30m Built 1995 Vehicle Carrier
Asian Parade Imo 9122954 Loa 228x32m Built 1996 Vehicle Carrier  


 on: Yesterday at 09:57:39 am 
Started by MO Roy - Last post by ChasB46
Thank you Davidships and apologies to Rodger.I should have known better as I did get replies to my Q's to him a few years ago. Rod or Rob,I'll fall back on the age excuse.

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