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1  Shipspotters all over the world / Scale Models / Re: Ship info on: May 16, 2017, 10:53:04 pm
Hm, I would have rather thought that deadweight is a function of displacement.
But I might be mistaken, since I am totally uninitiated in ship design matters.
2  Shipspotters all over the world / Scale Models / Re: Ship info on: May 16, 2017, 02:45:24 pm
I wonder why a ship's displacement hasn't been mentioned yet in the questioners query.
To me, especially the volumetric displacement (which liberates one of any assumptions about the water's properties, such as specifiv density), seems to be the most tangible and unbiased measurement of a ship's actual size.
Volumetric displacement in m^3,
(or even better still expressed as a dimensionless number like the block or the prismatic coefficient)
to me only seems to be prone to controversy over e.g. if one takes the shell and apandages into account, or if one sticks to the traditional calculation/integration based on moulded measurements (which gives the submerged volume without the shell).
3  Shipspotters all over the world / Scale Models / Re: Ahts scale models on: April 23, 2016, 04:42:59 pm
Hi Joakim,

if you are looking for a ready built scale model of a modern AHTS vessel and you aren't of the well off folks who can easily spare a couple of thousands to tens of thousands of Euros for their hobby then this will really be a challenge.
The reason being simply that there is next to nothing of such ready to run (RTR) or ready to display models of this niche of modern, highly specialized work ships for sale on the market in big enough quantities to keep the price beneath a painful threshold.
The only RTR model at a bearable price that comes to my mind would be the NORDIC by Graupner.
But firstly, I am not sure if this RTR model is already on sale since Gaupner (though a venerable but bankruptcy stricken German model makers kit and supplies producer and vendor) so far only anounced the advent of this model as latest addition to their Premium Line of China manufactured RTR or ARTR models.
Secondly, though an undeniably attractive model of the latest and most powerful German emergency salvage tug, this is not quite what you are after, as the original isn't an anchor handling and supply tug.

The other option, that my foreposters already mentioned, would be to build your own model more or less from scratch.
Although there are even model kits like that of the AHTS FAIRMOUNT ALPINE by Billing Boats
(a Danish model kit producer and vendor which sadly also went bankrupt but whose products seem to be taken over by other vendors and at least partly on sale through them)
you have to be aware that the build of such a model, even from a kit like the above mentioned, is a long process which requires not only a sufficiently equipped workshop but also quite a few skills and a lot of patience to complete successfully.
The FAIRMOUNT ALPINE kit for instance isn't rated as being suitable for a complete novice in ship model making.
But maybe you have the skills or are adventurous and confident enough to build such a model yourself, or you have such a friend or model shipwright at hand who is willing to build it on your behalf or on commission.
In this case you could even build the FAIRMOUNT ALPINE completely from scratch (maybe at a different scale) and for instance refer to the cutting templates of body frames, stem, stern, decks and other parts of this model kit because you can download the building instructions as PDF.

In the same direction of scratch building aims my third suggestion.
From FreeShipPlans you could download the plans of the 80s Polish built AHTS GRANIT if this by today's standards somewhat veteran AHTS design meets your requirements.
But I think you still find these old work horses still being active in some offshore industry's fleets around the globe.

4  Shipspotters all over the world / Scale Models / Re: Plans of Monsun type ship? on: May 24, 2015, 01:04:40 pm
Hi Krsto,

I think you also asked (in another thread) for plans or other reference about the Warnow Werft cargo ship of Type OZEAN.

Meanwhile I could scan an article from the former GDR shipping peridical SEEWIRTSCHAFT with a ship description of the first build of the series.
From that material I also attempted to draw a lines plan.

You may find my postings here.

5  Shipspotters all over the world / Scale Models / Re: Plans of Monsun type ship? on: March 21, 2015, 01:49:05 pm
I found it, but I forgot to wrote it here.

Thanks anyway.

Ah, I see. I didn't know that.
Anyway, I find the Seafarers' Rostock Website a fine address to gather information for anyone interested in the East-German Merchant Navy and its vessels.

Meanwhile I heard from our friend Arne that he already got in touch with you and supplied you with the specs sheet of the DSR Lines' Type MONSUN.
As I also had obtained this specs sheet from him a while ago and am interested in the ships of former GDR shipyards too,
I in the meantime attempted to reconstruct a lines plan from these reference sheets.
You may find a few screen shots of my DS model that I arrived at attached to this post.
If this would meet your model maker's requirements
(I immodestly would say that it should suffice to produce a decent at least semi-scale model hull construction)
I could provide you with some files.
Just drop Arne or me an email if you are interested.

6  Shipspotters all over the world / Scale Models / Re: Plans of Monsun type ship? on: March 14, 2015, 01:22:58 am
Hi Krsto,

On the website of Seeleute Rostock you can find a description of the Monsun-Class (in German) as well as the main particulars and a small side elevation from the general arrangement plan.

Another description along with particulars and a list of all units built of this class can be found in this article of the German Wikipedia.

7  Shipspotters all over the world / Scale Models / Re: Drawings of RoPax M/S Christian IV on: February 03, 2014, 01:48:36 am
A General Arrangement Plan of her after retrofitting of buoyancy blisters can be found in the
Deckplans sections of
8  Shipspotters all over the world / Scale Models / Re: GA Plans for IMO 8407735 on: July 24, 2012, 08:14:38 am
Hi Matt,

her builders Mayer Werft in Papenburg, Germany are still in business and they certainly will be able to provide one with every drawing of the vessel built and (cross!) launched there as MV HOMERIC, provided they were willing to.
You should give it a try and contact them anyway. They might help a model boater out of his plight.
See their website for contact details.

However, if you are out of luck there you could try the Assoziazione Navimodellisti Bolognesi who also used to distribute a plans set of COSTA EUROPA, as she was named later while sailing for Costa Crociere many years, consisting of a general arrangement (1:200) and a body plan.
I know because I had ordered it a couple of years ago and the drawings seem to originate from the original builders Mayerwerft (i.e. showing no model building constructional detail).
Unfortunately, as I just have visited ANB's website, I haven't been able to proceed to the page of the COSTA EUROPA item order No.
The index page of ANB reads a note in Italian that their site is currently under construction and that this may last a couple of weeks.
So maybe you ring them up to inquire if the plans set is still available from them?

Then you could, of course, also inquire with Costa Crociere if they still have some remnant plans copies of COSTA EUROPA available that they would spare.

If that all doesn't succeed I could scan my plan sheets at a local copy shop and mail them to you for a nominal charge only covering my scanning expenses.

Good Luck
9  Shipspotters all over the world / Shipping News and information / Re: Most beautyfull cruiseship in service! on: May 29, 2012, 12:55:17 pm

© Ignacio F. López Vico

© Ignacio F. López Vico

© Manuel Hernández Lafuente

© John Wilson

© Gena Anfimov

© shipahoy

© roar jensen
The in the early 1970s built Wärtsilä triplet of the ROAYL VIKING {STAR|SEA|SUN} cruise liners to me most certainly deserve to be among the most beautiful cruise liners ever built.
Luckily, at least two of them are still in service and even more luckily their appearance has hardly been spoiled by the usual old tonnage add-ons like duck tails, side blisters, superstructure extensions in height or length to cover the focsle etc.
They have a beautifully raked stem, a nice cruiser stern (not such hybrid vileness between transom and cruiser stern like e.g. QM2) and elegant floating lines.

© tony martin

© Neil C McBride

© Ken Lubi
10  Shipspotters all over the world / Scale Models / Re: I have some spant drawings and general plans!!! on: April 27, 2012, 11:11:12 am

Although I know that the originating thread is hopelessly stale someone dug it out,
and I am pleased to hear that the cargo vessel LUDOLF OLDENDORFF was depicted on a small GA plan as supplement to the 1958 edition of Handbuch der Werften (HdW).
I know the HdW books and found out that issues of them are available not far from me in the magazine archives of the library of the Technical University of Berlin (i.e. Sig. 8Z133).

Why I am particularly interested in the LUDOLF OLDENDORFF has a simple reason.
A fellow model boater in a German RC ship model forum asked me if I could reconstruct a lines plan with DELFTship of this vessel as his late grandpa had served on this ship of which he would like to build a model.
Well, I helped him and created some lines plan out of my imagination with only the assumed main dimensions because we lacked a GA plan.

The result can be viewed in my posting here,
and his model making efforts so far he has documented in this thread and in this one.

Thanks to the guy who raised this old thread here I can now go to the TUB library, get the book, and compare how good or bad my hull lines approximation is.


11  Shipspotters all over the world / Shipping News and information / Re: Love Boat to be scrapped on: March 14, 2012, 11:30:01 am
What a pity!
She and her sister were beautiful cruise ships that deserved to be called ships, unlike many contemporary cruise ships.

I always wanted to build a model of her.

Luckily, I was able to get a full set of general arrangement and lines plans from her builders Thyssen Nordseewerke in Emden, Germany, many years ago
where both sisters had been built as ISLAND VENTURE and SEA VENTURE before the latter started her TV career as the Love Boat.

Maybe I at last will find some time to lay keel of her model?
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