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76  Shipspotters all over the world / Site related news, functions and modules / Re: Standing Down on: June 29, 2015, 10:37:26 am

Hi Derek,

I am not going to get involved with you, members can draw their own conclusions, I have just outlined my reason and how hurt an upset I am about the whole episode.

77  Shipspotters all over the world / Site related news, functions and modules / Re: Standing Down on: June 29, 2015, 09:11:27 am
Hi Derek

It is now obvious that this was a plan to remove me but it could have been handled better, I think knuckles may be wrapped.

I have had False Accusations made against me by several Admins who appeared happy to apportion blame without any evidence as can be seen in this message to me.

What on earth is going on? I wake up this morning to find that I am banned from accessing my PMs and the admin forum. I can't find you listed on shipspotting and Derek Sands tells me that you have banned him without notice.

Here is the evidence from Henrik, Just to be clear. Ken did not mess up any admin accounts.

This is not an attempt to stir things up, I have no wish to do that, I do however feel that the record should be put straight so that members can better understand my reasons for Standing Down, I had no real reason or wish to do so but as I have already said there was a atmosphere of mistrust without any foundation which really hurt and I could no longer live or work with it.

I do not want any special Title imposed upon me and I have already put in motion my request for the future I hope it will be carried out.

My thanks again to all those that have expressed their thoughts to me, I really appreciate them.

Kind Regards

78  Shipspotters all over the world / Site related news, functions and modules / Standing Down on: June 29, 2015, 03:45:03 am

Hello All,

It is with much regret that I must announce that I am standing down as Webmaster and with this announcement I can confess that I am 89 years old and cannot continue under the present cloud of mistrust that I that I find myself in.

I have recently been accused by some Admins of an offence of which I was entirely innocent and this innocence has been confirmed but sadly as the saying goes mud sticks.

I do not want it to be seen that I am walking away from my responsibilities so I have ensured that someone is available to replace me and that person is Derek Sands.

I hope that I have served this website well over the past three years or so as Webmaster, I do know from messages received that many of you have express your contentment but what has happened has been very hurtful to me as has affected me more than I at first realised so I have decided it would be best all round if I just quietly disappear and leave it to my successor.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on this Website over the past eleven years in the various roles that I have held but time has caught up with me so I must now think of myself.

I will be leaving this Website with extreme regret, it will leave a large gap in my life, I do not think I have done anything wrong, others may disagree but as the saying goes all good things must come to an end, I leave with no animosity and wish each and everyone of you all the very best for the future and long may this website continue.

Kind Regards and Best Wishes.

Ken Smith


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