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1  Shipspotters all over the world / Trip reports / Re: You Know Your A Shipspotter If... on: September 04, 2019, 10:04:16 pm
Last year I travelled to Panama City and spent the day watching the ships waiting to enter the Panama Canal.  Fantastic!
2  Shipspotters all over the world / Shipping News and information / Re: PIANO LAND (ex Oriana) on: September 04, 2019, 09:40:38 pm
Now owned by Astro Ocean.   . A joint venture by CTS and COSCO.
3  Shipspotters all over the world / Shipping News and information / Re: VIDEO: Baltic Ace Wreck Cut Up and Removed from North Sea on: January 22, 2016, 11:54:45 pm
Thanks for sharing
4  Shipspotters all over the world / Scale Models / Re: BUGSIER 14 on: April 15, 2015, 11:33:54 pm
Lovely model.  Well done
5  Shipspotters all over the world / Shipping News and information / 3 queens southampton may 9 on: May 09, 2014, 02:28:03 pm
see - 3 queens southampton may 9 - on you tube today
6  Shipspotters all over the world / Shipping News and information / Re: Carnival Miracle Running Slow on: February 04, 2014, 11:23:55 am
Don't know if there was any problem but travelling at 10 knots is my type of cruising speed Cool
7  Shipspotters all over the world / Shipping News and information / Re: Crown Princess on: July 30, 2010, 08:53:02 pm
Hi Allan    The the problem of cruising to northern ports from Southampton, they have to either go east or west then up the coast of Britain. As Reykyavik is west of Britain, the captain was going the right way. Anyway, the passengers had a great time naming the Scottish islands as they passed them.
8  Shipspotters all over the world / Shipping News and information / RCI and Park West on: May 17, 2010, 09:15:46 pm
RCI have decided not to renew their contract with Park West Art Services. No reason has been given.
9  Shipspotters all over the world / Shipping News and information / Park West Galleries on: May 17, 2010, 08:54:54 pm
Park West have been found guilty for selling worthless art for thousands of dollars aboard cruiseships.

In a Michigan court, the jury ruled unanimously in favour of the Fine Art Registry in a lawsuit brought against them by Park West Galleries.

The Fine Art Registry (FAR) had accused Park West of supplying the onboard art auctions with fake Salvador Dali prints to be auctioned off for thousands, when they were worth only a few pence.

The judge did not award any damages, but he did order Park West to pay Fine Art Registry $500,000 for trademark infringement saying Park West had illegally used FAR's trademark in sponsored links in search engines.

Park West was apparently trying to steer searchers away from the negative reports about the Gallery on the FAR web sites, including a special site devoted solely to Park West called

The website shows the whole history of a huge collection of supposed Dali Prints that Park West says it acquired and authenticated as true Salvador Dali artwork.

However, the Fine Art Registry's web site not only showed how the pieces in question were denounced as forgeries many times over, but it also showed the many ways in which the Park West had endeavored to circumvent the legal process by hiring their own experts and writing their own appraisals.

The conclusion drawn was that Park West cruise ship art auctions were fraudulent and sales were not handled according U.S. Statutes guidelines.

Thankfully my wife would not let me buy any pictures!!!
10  Shipspotters all over the world / Shipping News and information / Re: Requesting photo/s of Nena M on: April 21, 2010, 09:17:56 pm
Hi Javier                   Maybe this site may help
11  Shipspotters all over the world / Shipping News and information / Re: M/V Barfleur on: March 29, 2010, 07:58:49 pm
Hi Karim       I understand that Barfleur was taken out of service and laid up at Ouistreham, near Caen, on 31st January. She was replaced by their newest vessel Armorique.
As for being sold - I haven't heard yet; but for the record, Brittany Ferries don't hang on to their ships once they have been replaced by others.
12  Shipspotters all over the world / Shipping News and information / Re: NAVROM on: March 29, 2010, 07:31:56 pm
Hi Boghdan        Maybe this site may be of help
13  Shipspotters all over the world / Shipping News and information / QUEEN TO BECOME PRINCESS on: March 12, 2010, 01:29:32 pm
I hear that DFDS have chartered Queen of Scandinavia (1981/34,093grt) to Inflot Cruise and Ferry. The charter is for 3 years. The vessel is renamed Princess Maria and will sail between St Petersburg and Helsinki.
14  Shipspotters all over the world / Shipping News and information / SS United States on: March 09, 2010, 10:48:11 am
I hear the historic SS United States is in "imminent danger" of being sold off to be used as scrap metal.  Currently owned by NCL, the once 'fastest ship to cross the Atlantic', will be sold by the end of the month to the highest bidder, regardless of their intentions.
15  Shipspotters all over the world / Shipping News and information / QM2 to go OZ on: March 09, 2010, 10:31:07 am
Cunard has announced that the Queen Mary 2 will be based in Australia in 2012.

The 'Royal Circumnavigation' is expected to generate $10m for the Australian economy.

Carnival Australia CEO, Ann Sherry, said the decision was a sign of confidence in the Australian cruise market.

"This one decision will generate at least $10 million for the Australian economy as the local cruise industry remains on track to contribute more than $3 billion and carry one million Australians annually by 2020,'' she said.

Cunard president and managing director Peter Shanks said he expected strong demand for the voyage from Australian and international markets.

The mammoth voyage that will see her visit ports in five states and the Northern Territory, will be the longest time the liner has away from Southampton.

Fremantle, Adelaide and Sydney will each see two visits.
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