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1  Shipspotters all over the world / Shipping News and information / Re: Efficiency of propeller blades. on: September 07, 2016, 09:40:42 pm
My pleasure MattyBoy. I am happy that you understand what I was trying to say.

Best regards

2  Shipspotters all over the world / Shipping News and information / Re: Efficiency of propeller blades. on: September 04, 2016, 04:44:31 pm
Hi Matt Boy,
The reason for the eyebolts or lifting eyes is foremost for ease and safety while handeling the blades as they are some times because of their shape and form and weight quite difficult to lift and move. In 2001 I was in Rolls Royce in Ulsteinvik Norway when the Fore-man in the blade  grinding Department almost severed his leg off below the knee because it slipped out the crane while he was moving it about in the work place. Normally there is a hole bored through the blade. This hole is also chamfered (or slightly tapered at both sides).Then a special split plug is made which is fitted from both sides and retained by a bolt. The plug is fitted to the Blade and the blade is machined in two set ups on a 6 axis CNC Machning Center. First the face of the blade where it is bolted to the blade carrier on the propellor hub (and the hole patteren drilled). Then it is stood up vertically and the form or profile of the blade is machined with the plug in place. Then the finished machined profile is rough ground (by hand) and finished ground  still with the plug in place. Later for ease and safety reasons  while assembling the complete propellor the plug is removed.It refitted to the blade when finished for hydronamic reasons. The counter bore for the bolt head is sometimes filled with plastic resin and carefully smoothed off to give the apperance of that there is no hole in the blade. I hope that you can understand this. I have a lot of photos but first I must find then and upload the them but time is my problem (I have very little of it) Matt. I am not like Lappino I have to work for a living.  Sorry Vlad my apologies  its only a joke!!!
Best regards,
3  Shipspotters all over the world / Site related news, functions and modules / Re: What is the purpose of YOUR posting on on: August 07, 2016, 11:02:12 am
Hi Tomas, I think that you post great photos. Please keep them coming.
Regards Frank
4  Shipspotters all over the world / Shipping News and information / Re: Inside Look Within The METTE MAERSK At Felixstowe on: May 12, 2016, 09:12:27 pm
Thanks for sharing.  Excellent photos.  She is kept in top condition.

Best regards

5  Shipspotters all over the world / Shipping News and information / Re: Pieter Schelte on: February 07, 2015, 05:13:08 pm
I find it sad really, Pieter Schelte  was, is a very fitting name for this vessel. I find it very brave of Allseas and Eduard Heerema to have the insight and balls (excuse my french) to undertake the construction of such an impressive vessel.(She is really all singen all dancing)  Do not live in the past look to the future which Allseas do. In 4 months time she will depart the Maasvlakte 2 for her first job in the north sea to remove the topside and jacket of an oil platform for Shell (24500 tons). I wish her every sucess (I also wish that I was on  board). 
if you are still pissed at the Germans then do not drive Audi BMW or Mercedes Benz (Best Cars in the world).
One more thing is that she is generating about 450 million Euro to the Netherlands Industry

Best Regards


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