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Title: model coaster Dearheart
Post by: freelance on February 15, 2020, 06:50:55 pm
Greetings from Canada

Subject - General Coaster with name Dearheart
I am a model boat builder and recently found a few photos of this model coaster on pinterest. There are only three colour photos of what I believe is a paper model , however I am looking for more photos of the actual ship or better yet, plans in order to build a large RC scale model. Oddly, I cannot find any reference to this vessel on the web. If anyone can provide more data or drawings I would be grateful.
After a lengthy search I am now convinced that, because the only photos are of a model, the builder
placed a tribute name of a relative on the stern as many modelers do. I believe the actual ship exists but will be impossible to find.


Title: Re: model coaster Dearheart
Post by: Michael Wirth on February 18, 2020, 07:55:26 am
Greetings from Germany!

If I found the right pictures on pinterest, then the model is based on a paper model named

"Emiliana" or "Emiliana Torrini".

A very similar paper Model:

"Maly Modelarz 1998-10-11 - Emilia"

(from a polish series, instructions in polish but can be built without learning the language ;-)

I have both paper models (and quite a few other similar coasters in my "little" collection of paper models and plans).

For details send me a pm.

No Info about the prototype yet, but I will dig through my archives.

Best regards and greetings to Canada, quite some time since I've been there,



OK, here is the prototype:

And I found the plans, too.

Title: Re: model coaster Dearheart
Post by: rgr004 on February 18, 2020, 11:48:22 am
Hi John, Michael,

The drawinghs of Emilia are available here :

rgds / roland (from France)