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Title: Can we talk about deletions like grown ups?
Post by: csaba on April 15, 2019, 02:57:37 am
So we had a 10 comments on a photo that has been marked "considered for deletions". And yet again we had a "time to leave" statement. Just like we had in the past when some member/s who deleted all their photos (at least that is what they said will do as I couldn't be bothered to check as I have better things to do like riding my bike, taking photos and having a pint while doing both of those :) ) and left. Reminds me when my 3 years old says "if I can't have this I won't have any!!!!!"  ;D. So I have to wander, how old are you?  ???
I have 3157 photos and have been a member here for almost 9 years. During this time,I probably had, maybe (I don't keep track as I have better things to do, see above  :) ) dozen of them deleted. That means ) 0.0038 % of my photos have been, oh the horror, deleted  >:(. Never to be seen again, by anybody but me as they have been saved for ME to see. Since I am generally a positive thinker, this also means that 99.9962% of my photos have been accepted for the whole world to see and for anybody to rip them off and post them as their own as it has happened, not just to me.     
So if you have, say 5000 photos and 100 have been deleted, do your own math as I have better things to do (see above  :)) OK, it is 0.02 deletion rate or 99.98 success rate. The passing grade at my college wasn't this high, and I work with people's health, for crying out loud  :o
Sure, you can go, slam the door but...If you have, say 8765 photos and there are 2.5 million photos on SS, how much impact are you having (do your own math now  :) ) . Sure, post your pix on Instagram or Facebook but will they be as appreciated there as they are here?
When I see a photo considered for deletion and like it, I save it on my computer for ME to see as I like it and may use it for, say, wallpaper.
This is a hobby after all. Does anybody here makes a living from posting photos here? If not, it is your hobby then so don't take things sooooo  ::) seriously
Last of my mini (?) rant/philosophy, the rules are not arbitrary. Or are they? Every rule has been written by humans (think of speed limits. Have you ever been stopped by a cop and try to say that the speed limit is just an arbitrary rule? ) so all the rules are somehow arbitrary...which doesn't mean that they can't be changed, bent or be flexible on them, now and then.
So this are my 2 (Canadian) cents. Comments, questions and jokes  :)are welcome. Feel free to agree, disagree, add something or deduct. It is all good. Whatever your stand is, I won't delete all of my forum posts and bug out  :)
Greetings from the "wet" coast...

Title: Re: Can we talk about deletions like grown ups?
Post by: lappino on April 15, 2019, 03:37:47 am
Hear, hear...

"This is a hobby after all."

For me, it all comes to this. How serious do I take my hobby? This is the question I ask myself when I see my photo about to get deleted. So all my righteous rage eventually subsides, even if my photo does get deleted. :)

After all, this IS just a hobby. Passatiempo.

So, nothing much to fuss about.



Title: Re: Can we talk about deletions like grown ups?
Post by: Tony des Landes on April 15, 2019, 04:40:04 am
When a member deletes all their photos and stops posting in the future, it is ultimately the members who are penalised.


Title: Re: Can we talk about deletions like grown ups?
Post by: DEREK SANDS on April 15, 2019, 06:14:57 am
Well said  everyone

Title: Re: Can we talk about deletions like grown ups?
Post by: simonwp on April 15, 2019, 07:13:01 am
There is a balance to be struck here. I'm not sure it always falls in the right place. The balance is between keeping some photographs that transgress the rules in a minor way, but are otherwise excellent photographs, and are of interest to members, and deleting the photographs that obviously don't meet the standards. I have had photographs deleted for very minor issues (e.g. top of derrick slightly cropped), but have never complained, and carried on posting. At one point I started to think I was being stalked by one particular admin, as I had several deleted, some for years ago, in quick succession by this admin. However they were not exceptional photographs. It's when admins consider for deletion the good stuff that members are interested in, that it starts to go wrong. Once a photograph starts to get comments congratulating the photographer, it's always going to be contentious if an admin thinks it should be deleted. I don't know how admins operate, but I think it should be to err on the side of keeping photographs, especially if they have attracted a lot of attention from other members. It's not an easy balance, bit, this is a members site, and the balance should always be in favour of the members.

Title: Re: Can we talk about deletions like grown ups?
Post by: GERALDINE on April 18, 2019, 10:44:18 am
Agree with all of the above coments.
Here I thought I was the only member who had deleted postings.
It hurts at the time especially when you notice inferior postings going through,
especially in the Mystery Ships Category.
I shall get over it and continue on,
Onya to EVERYONE'S postings,
Always enjoyed.

Title: Re: Can we talk about deletions like grown ups?
Post by: Russell Judge on April 23, 2019, 09:25:18 am
I do not have so many photos as others as I normally add mine only if there are 10 or fewer of that ship on site. Thus I sometimes submit a photo that is maybe not up to standard but because of it's rarity value. So, I an kind of upset if deleted but in 95% of cases, I agree with the deletion on quality lines.
So, as others have said, get over it and go and photo the ship again but better!