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Title: ENI and IMO numbers on European inland vessels
Post by: Jens Boldt on March 09, 2019, 11:44:29 am
Hello fellow shipspotters!

Last year I've worked my way through the complete inland dry cargo vessels category and inland tankers category adding ENI numbers (and also some IMO numbers) which was quite a tedious task.

The eight-digit ENI (European number of identification) is as unique as an IMO number and as such a valuable tool to find all photos of a certain ship on this website. The ENI is not only used for ships of the above mentioned categories, but also for inland passenger ships, ferries, barges, fire fighting vessels, tugs etc. But always keep in mind that it is only used for European inland vessels!

Unfortunately I see that a certain number of regular contributors to all of these categories for whatever reason don't fill in the number in the box on the photo upload page. Like the IMO number the ENI number is a requirement for the upload of a photo and NOT optional to fill in.

The number is displayed on the side and/or the stern of these vessels, for example (ENI 02323514):

If you can't find the ENI on the ship itself have a look on the websites listed here under point 3:

Or just try and search by name for the appropriate ship here on

As I mentioned above some of these vessels even have IMO numbers (especially inland tankers).
If applicable add the IMO number, too. (Lately I've also found a lot of photos where the ENI was given, but the IMO was not.)

Last but not least... There's a special type of Dutch inland vessels called "Beunschip", see e.g.

These should be uploaded to the Inland special purpose vessels category not Inland DRY cargo vessels.

Here's a short video where you can see the cargo handling of a beunschip, I guess you shouldn't try this with a dry cargo vessel...

Thanks in advance for your help!

Best wishes to all,

Title: Re: ENI and IMO numbers on European inland vessels
Post by: Jens Boldt on April 16, 2019, 08:03:25 pm

Title: Re: ENI and IMO numbers on European inland vessels
Post by: seaweasel on April 17, 2019, 07:08:32 pm
Hello to all of you,

I fully agree with the above statement from Jens and hope that every photographer will include the ENI and/or IMO of an inland vessel if such figures are externally visible or known. Inland shipping is perhaps somewhat underrated by some members, but if you have seen the interaction of see-going and inland vessels in big harbours like Antwerpen or Rotterdam it's obvious that these are the two sides of one coin. It is a truly fascinating and perfect interaction between very different kind of vessels acting together like larger and smaller cogwheels of a clockwork and being absolutely dependant on each other. And the variety and often very interesting and long history of many inland vessels are really impressive. The more you know about the branche of inland shipping the more interesting it gets, in any case that's what I have experienced during the last years.

Best wishes to all of you and happy shipspotting !

Cheers, Hans