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Title: HOEGH LONDON - Cargo shifted and tilted - One crew dead and othervarious injured
Post by: Federico on February 27, 2019, 01:29:35 am
Unfortunately HOEGH LONDON - 69000grt - Norwegian registered suffered a very extended cargo shifting and tilting due to massive bad weather in Sicily Channel. Vessel was in transit from Tangermed to Gemlik when was caught by 8 to 10 meters montaneous waves. Wind in excess of 60 kts when passing Cape Passero. Captain decided to turn back and shelter in Southeast Sicily. During the cargo decks inspections due to heavy equipment and project cargo moving very dangerously and widely one man was hit and lost his life- Various others injured, also in the accomodation quarters. Captain contacted Italian Coast Guard for assistance and was instructed to proceed at berth in Pozzallo harbour. Vessel arrived listed about 5 due to water ingress caused by cargo cutting the ships side in proximity of loading line.