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Title: Historical/unidentified ships logos
Post by: Emmanuel.L on March 12, 2018, 06:34:02 pm
On the Historical/Unidentified funnel logos category there are at the moment (as of today 12-3-18) 188 photos posted. A lot of them have since been identified, so why are they not transferred to the Ships companies logos? This should be the photo owners duty to do so. These members should monitor their posted photos regularly and amend accordingly.
This category must be cleaned up, I think that the responsibility is on the members, not on the Administration.
Thank you

Title: Re: Historical/unidentified ships logos
Post by: jdap on March 15, 2018, 09:16:28 pm
Hi Emmanuel,

I have always assumed that there were two sides to this coin, i.e, one thing is the group of logos that  are of an "Historical" nature. The other, and of a totally different nature, is the group of logos that are trully "Unidentified".

So, my interpretation has always been the following:

* To the first group, the "Historical" one, belong logos that are well identified, but that belong to shipping companies that for one reason or another (bankruptcy, merger, etc.) are no longer active. They belong to this category, and there is no reason for them to be moved to any another category.

* To the second group, the "Unidentified" one, belong all logos that the original photographer had difficulty in assigning to a particular shipping company, and that may require third party review to be finally assigned to the correct logo owner company. Once identified, those logos should either remain in this category, if they are of the "Historical" nature, or be moved to the main logo category, if their owner company has been positively identified as a still active shipping company.

Am I wrong?

But that leads me to another doubt...

My doubt has always been about the logos uploaded to the main logo category at a time when their logo owner company was an ongoing concern, and that over time have left the maritime business... and their logos are still there!... When that happens, should the logos in the main category be moved to the "Historical" category, because they have indeed by now become historical in nature?

Clarifications will be very welcome, please!

Best regards,


Title: Re: Historical/unidentified ships logos
Post by: Emmanuel.L on March 15, 2018, 09:45:01 pm
Hi Jose,
you have a point to ponder there,but what if a company is reactivated and like you said if a company is taken over etc whilst in the other category, ? Are we going to see tranfers to and fro?
In my view better have the historical and identified ones transferred to ships company category progressively,(they are already identified) because you have then a big problem identifying  the defunct  etc. ones in this ship companies category  and transferring them to the unidentified/historical category.
Do away with the historical and leave it as unidentified ones only.
This is my view , and less time consuming.