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Title: Handling tweendeck covers
Post by: Dеnis on January 10, 2018, 06:13:02 pm
I was looking at the DEO VOLENTE & OCEANIC (both are Hartman vessels) general arrangement plans & I'm wondering how are the tweendeck hatch covers are opened/closed/stacked.  For first vessel I read that it's gantry hatch cover crane can handle both hatch covers & tweendeck covers, second vessel also uses it's gantry crane to do the same.  And not just that, but same gantry crane can also rotate tweendeck covers on 90 degrees & stack one on another forming a bulkhead.  I looked at gantry cranes for those 2 vessels on photos & how it's drawn on GA plans & by the looks of it, it can only handle the upper hatch covers.   The crane's spreader has 4 hooks & connects to covers at their sides, it also can't change it's width.  Yet the the hold is narrower than the spreader which can't be fully lowered to reach the tweendeck.
Also, from those ships' GA plans I think the tweendeck covers can only be stacked within the hold...  or the same gantry crane can somehow lift them & stack on the upper deck?
Could someone shine a light on this?


Title: Re: Handling tweendeck covers
Post by: Pilot Frans on January 10, 2018, 08:21:27 pm
Hello Denis,

The Deo Volente have  normal cranes.
The Oceanic is different design simular as Northern Rock.
I will upload some photos. Perhaps it helps


Title: Re: Handling tweendeck covers
Post by: Dеnis on January 10, 2018, 08:47:13 pm
Yes, I'm aware that tweendeck covers can be simply handled by own cranes & stacked where needed (I saw many photos with cargo vessels having their tweendeck covers stacked in front of the superstructure & the hold is fully closed by hatch covers), but in the DEO VOLENTE brochure it says:

An electro-hydraulic Rodenstaal traveling hatch cover crane is used to handle and transport the pontoon hatch covers which can then be stacked up to a maximum height of covers. The same traveling crane can be used for moving and setting up the two transportable grain bulkheads fitted for bulk cargo stowing purposes that can be slotted at several positions in each hold.
Both hatch covers and tweendeck hatches are handled by an electric hydraulic driven gantry crane.

So I wonder how...