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Title: Piraeus
Post by: Russell Judge on July 20, 2017, 08:35:09 am
Just returned from 6 days in Piraeus. I hired a car so that I could do a bit of touring as well as ship photography.
I chose the hotel (Queens Leriotis) due to location overlooking harbour entrance and anchorage.It was a bit out of town but loads of restaurants locally.
It did not disapoint; the view from my 5th floor balcony was superb with most traffic in photographic range albeit with a 300mm telephoto lens. Luckily both the hotel and car were air conditioned as it was really too hot (what did I expect in July!!) I drove along the coast past Drapetsona, Perama and Elefsina but although there were loads of ships, it was difficult to get decent shots. Eleusis was easier although not many ships. A few tankers at Agio Theodorai but hard to photo. Kalamaki at the S. end of Korinth canal was OK with a bar/restaurant overlooking the "sinking bridge"
Was advised by Petros Psarras (thanks Petros) to take passenger only ferry to Salamina (Paloukia). There is a car ferry from Perama but misses most shipping.
It was hard to find the ferry as the tickets are only sold on board and does not appear to be advertised even on-line.
Go in at Gate E8, turn left and the boats tie up opposite the WC! I could not find a timetable so had to hang around until a boat turned up! Reasonable value underground carpark with clean toilets. Great value boat trip at 3.5 euros (each way)
The one thing about the port is that it seems you can drive onto all the quays without hindrance and one of the best places is at the very entrance on North side (Gate E1) You could sit here all day amoung the container trailers and photo to your heart's content and if it gets too hot, there is always the completely deserted, air conditioned Pericoles Passenger Terminal also with toilets (very important at my age!!)
All in all a great trip but way too hot, maybe April/May would be better

Title: Re: Piraeus
Post by: NeilB on July 22, 2017, 07:47:31 pm
Hi Russell,

Many thanks for your report, very interesting and informative. I have used the passenger-only ferry from Piraeus many times but on each visit there seem to be fewer sailings. I have found this timetable but cannot guarantee the current accuracy of it ! Hope this is useful,

best regards

Title: Re: Piraeus
Post by: MattyBoy on July 22, 2017, 10:43:04 pm
Hi Russell,

Thanks for the informative report. I too would like to, one day, go sightseeing via car around that area. I found there were lots going on but if you're in or near Piraeus it's seems to be only the same old ferries turning up. Drapetsona looks interesting from afar but getting close enough for decent photo's appears to have a fair few hurdles.


Title: Re: Piraeus
Post by: peter j. fitzpatrick on July 22, 2017, 10:51:56 pm
hi russell
im glad you enjoyed piraeus and i was there in june, a lot cooler than now
i have a guide in piraeus who willl, if asked take any visitors anywhere they need to go
he is an interpreter for a tv station who i met in june, and took me all around the docks and if needed to other ports around that area
i hired the car and he drove
his prices are good in my mind and even picked me up at five in the morning so that we could go to elevsis to photograph the stacoco at sun up
if anyone needs his e mail please let me know and i will put you in touch
he will take you in the port as well to get the best photos you can
hes also a keen photographer
looking forward to seeing your photos
kind regards
peter j.fitzpatrick

Title: Re: Piraeus
Post by: Russell Judge on July 26, 2017, 03:17:47 pm
Many thanks for your comments and advice; when I go back, I will be much better prepared.
True the same ferries featured most days but in addition to the container ships, tankers and general cargo, there were loads of cruise ships. (Athens must have been mobbed as at one stage there 4 ships each about 4000 passengers)
Hoping to combine with a revisit to Istanbul in May/June 2018. Going that far, might as well make it worthwhile.

Title: Re: Piraeus
Post by: Scallixu on March 26, 2018, 06:43:00 am
I am currently studying about this issue. Thank you for this great story.

Title: Re: Istanbul
Post by: NeilB on April 01, 2018, 08:46:27 pm
hello Russell

Did you book for Istanbul this May / June ?

I have been going there annually since 1998, briefly the favourite spotting points are

The tea gardens in front of the Topkapi Palace near Eminonu ferry berths
On the Asian side, Kandili just to the south of the ferry berth (mornings)
Back in Europe, opposite Kandili, in front of the Rumeli Hisari castle (afternoons)
Near to the Black Sea entrance, Rumeli Kavagi, in the car park of the restaurant near the radar tower
(on a hot day you might get a free bottle of water !)

Send me a private message for more infos.

Regards, Burns of the Bosphorus