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Title: IMO number confusion
Post by: Jens Boldt on April 02, 2017, 09:34:36 pm
Hi all!

Today I came upon this ship:

A tanker, built in 1973, names Charlotte F and Paradox, status: dead

Investigating a little further into Charlotte F's life I came upon

So she received a new bow-section and mid-section in 1999 at Oltenita (yard no. 606) in Romania and is still happily sailing the Seven Seas...

I searched for photos of her after her 1999-refit and found these:

And now I have two IMO-numbers for the same ship...

This would make sense if she had received a new aft-section at Oltenita in 1999.
But with a new bow-section, mid-section AND aft-section this would be a new-building.
Both 8033807 and 9215024 are valid IMO-numbers. Equasis only knows the latter.

DNV/GL where IMO 9215024 is classed states that the ship was built at Oltenita in 1999 (yard no. 606, just as it says on

Looking at Charlotte F and Jacoba-H bow and mid-section are clearly different. The aft-section shows only little differences (anchor arrangement and only one anchor aft with Jacoba-H, but two with Charlotte F).

Is someone able to shed some light on this?


Title: Re: IMO number confusion
Post by: pieter melissen on April 03, 2017, 07:57:55 am
I think that the aft section, that has survived, never had an IMO number. It was frist attached to an IWT tanker, and only the conversion, which involved shortening of the ship made her seaworthy, and perhaps than an IMO number was attached. The orginal ship was builtby Breko in Holland in 1973.