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Title: Former photoships site collection
Post by: Bonnybrook on February 13, 2017, 01:04:15 pm
As some members will know, the "photoships" site was wound up recently by its webmaster, partly on account of some copyright queries, but given the heritage value of his collection, in the final weeks he made it available to a number of applicants. If any shipspotting members acquired the collection, please be aware that there are very numerous errors in spelling of ship names or ship identification (including a surprising number in the original printed captions). After I noticed one error I offered to go through the entire collection and the webmaster, who was very anxious to get things right, effected several hundred corrections that I sent. Unfortunately, I had only checked A, B, C and a few D ship names when the decision to close was made. I fear E-Z remain something of a jungle, so if any of you have the collection, plenty to do on rainy days, and detective work can be fun...